Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Games for Dream State Funkeys

Here's a sneak peek at what the new UB Funkey games will look like for the newest Dream State (Daydream Oasis & Nightmare Rift Funkeys, still not available for purchase yet!) [update on 6/13/08: We found the new hub with Drift & Bones today at Toys R Us]

I had the images, but turned to Augiewan's blog, for the names, otherwise I'd be guessing. Thanks Augiewan!

Wagg's game, located in Funkeystown at Wagg's University ~ Wagg-Words

Vlurp's game is called Perplexing Paths. We will guess this game is through the Nightmare Rift portal, but we can't get there yet until these new Funkeys hit the market

Drift's game, located in Funkeystown, is Flipper Fever

Ptep's game is most likely through the Nightmare portal, and it is called Pyramid Puzzler


Anonymous said...

OH I AM SOOO MAD!!! My updates still don't work!!!!!! I have 4 speed racer funkeys and i can't use ANY if them!!!! i have: Speed Racer, Chim Chim, VERY RARE Cannonball Taylor and Snake Oiler.
I can use the Speed racer hub though.....

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem..I cannot get the updates for Speed racer and I have them all..And when you call the number they are no help at all..I had to buy the Speed Racer starter kit just to get to Funkiki Island..It is insane..anyone help..

Blog Author said...

I read something about other people having that problem with some updates, and there was something you could do to trigger them, but sorry that I'm not much help since I can't remember now. Please go over to the Funkey Fan Forum, if you are still having the problem, you can post it over there. More people might see your question over there and we can all try to help if we can.
Or if anyone else knows the answer, please leave a comment & I'm sure it will help a lot of people. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I bought a motorcycle from the car dealership place but I can't ride it. Can anyone help me?

billy4032 said...

i have a username that is mayorsayso with numbers and i can't my car either! strange

Anonymous said...

You can't ride your cars,they're only for display,you can in the Royalton Racing Complex if you have Speed Racer Though!