Friday, February 29, 2008


In Deuce's game, records fly across the screen and you get to shoot them with fireballs that come out of your pitchfork. Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot.
The further away the discs are when you shoot them, the more points you earn.

High Scores: A High score of 22,225 won a trophy and access to the game in crib's game room. An insane high score of 32,700 won a Rockabilly Jukebox.

Zone: Magma Gorge

Color of portal and gem shard: Red

Length of play: 7 rounds

Funkey BIO:
Fond of all things hip and trendy, the Deuce set the standards for cutting edge culture. In fact, the phrase “What the Deuce” means what’s hot and “That’s Deuce” means that’s cool.
The Deuce love music but not that snooty, high culture opera that the Glub sing. The Deuce like rockabilly and anything that’s fast and you can dance to.
The Deuce are notorious pranksters. The most famous was when they tricked the Glub into wearing elaborate costumes with big platform shoes, rhinestone sunglasses and jeweled hats for their performance before Parliament and the Queen. She was not amused.
Despite getting on the nerves of many Funkeys at one point or another, everyone wants to be Deuce.


Anonymous said...

Deuces game is easy pesy lemon squezey

Anonymous said...

Ive got deuces game

Anonymous said...

i normaly get the lava pool or what ever its called on my first try