Saturday, March 1, 2008


In Wasabi's game, Shuriken Master, you start with 55 shuriken (a.k.a. ninja throwing star) and you need to use as few as possible to hit your marks. You will try to hit each of these numbers 3 times each; 20, 19, 18,17, 16,15, and Bullseye.

Use your mouse to click a total of 4 times for each throw. Your first click will start the target aimer rotating around the board. The next click is to stop it on the number you want to aim for, then click again to stop the target where you want to aim on the board. The last click selects the power level of the throw, and your shuriken will be released.

High Scores: {We need to hear from you Shuriken Masters about your high scores! Please post either in the comment section, or on the Funkey Fan Forum, or send us an email!}
One Funkey Fan Forum member's daughter won a pachinko machine (arcade type game) by finishing the game with 41 left! Way to go!

Zone: Magma Gorge

Color of portal and gem shard: Red

Length of play: 55 shuriken

Funkey BIO:
Naturally stealthy and skilled in the ancient art of Funk-Fu the Wasabi are extremely secretive and rarely speak. Always appearing silent and composed, their aloofness is often misunderstood and sometimes feared by their fellow Funkeys.
The Wasabi do nothing to dispel this image. Preferring to keep to themselves, they are in perfect harmony of mind and body. Honesty, self discipline and respectful behavior are their core values. They are often deep in meditation, studying ancient scrolls, painting and sculpting or engaged in rigorous exercises to hone their fighting skills.
Wasabi physical feats are those of legend including stories of walking up walls and on water, and extended levitation. No one has ever challenged a Wasabi and lived to tell the tale.


Anonymous said...

I just got a Pachino Machine for my score of 61 (41 Shurikens left) along with the trophy and a Sacred Tori Gate. I got the trophy earlier with 39 Shurikens left and I think 46 points. I can't remember because my high score was replaced.

Hope this helps!

-NeonMaster and

sammy said...

my mom is good at his game but not me

Anonymous said...

ive got it in my game room

Anonymous said...

i earned the trophy with a score of 57

Anonymous said...

i just got the game in my crib and the prize with 30 suriken remaining and a score of 51