Sunday, May 4, 2008

Speed Racer UB Funkey game ~ Grand Prix


Speed Racer's game is called the Grand Prix. In this game, you are driving the Mach 6 using your arrow keys to control the car. You might want to slow down when you're taking the turns or you'll wipe out! If you feel like you're getting too far behind the other cars, don't fret, you should see them again at the end of the last lap.

One cool feature of the car you're driving is that it can jump over other cars by pressing the space bar. You only have a limited number of jumps, so be sure to save some for the end.

Game location: Racer Motors in Royalton Racing Complex.

High Scores:
1,020 was a score that won a trophy for Luli.
1,142 won the trophy, car, and a race flag for Funkey Dad & Kristian.
2,115 is the highest score reported, earned by KT.

These scores were posted on the Funkey Fan Forum. Thanks for sharing your scores!

UB Funkey Bio:
(copied from the driver files in the Royalton Labs)

As a member of the Racer Family, Speed has been raised to drive from a very young age. It's been said the Speed was tooling timing pins while still in Funkey diapers!

Speed Racer is truly a gifted driver, who grew up watching his legendary older brother, Rex Racer, set records in all of the major racing events throughout Terrapinnia. Speed was taught by his brother to "listen to what the car wants" rather then simply drive.

Choosing to stay un-sponsored and never driving without wearing his lucky red socks Speed has vowed to carry on his brother's mission, to challenge the corruption rampant througout the FRL, and restore the purity to the sport!

Although a relative new professional driver in the Funkeys Racing League, Speed is carrying on his family legacy and quickly becoming the crowd favorite.

As the Mach 6 engine roars around the track and equally deafening roar of "GO, Speed, GO!!" can be heard from his cheering Funkey Fans!

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sammy said...

scor 1000 get a mac 5 and game room and a blue flag