Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sprout's Game ~ BLOSSOM BOOGIE

In Sprout's game, you need to match 3 like flowers in a row either going up & down or across. Click on 2 flowers that are next to each other to swap their places. You will loose points if you swap flowers that don't end up in a 3-in-a-row click.
On the last level, level 3, some of the flowers will flash as different flowers until you click on it. My strategy is to ignore those flowers and concentrate on finding matches in all other areas. I think it takes some practice before you aren't distracted by them. But all they do is slow you down so you don't get as many points as you could if you just keep going.

High Scores: A score of 2,970 earned a rare orchid and access from our game room. A score of 3,750 earned a trophy. 5,430 was an "insane high score" and earned a Flower Power Arcade Machine.

Highest score reported yet: 8,510 on funkey fan forum

Zone: Kelpy Basin

Color of portal & gem shard: Blue

Length of Play: 3 levels

Funkey BIO:

The Sprout are always precisely prim, particularly proper and the most purely polite of all of the Funkeys.
The Sprout have perfectly manicured lawns, elaborate gardens and showpiece homes. They are often featured in Funkey Home and Garden and Architecturally Funkey Digest, and a Sprout has won the coveted FELIX award (given to the neatest Funkey) for as long as anyone can remember.
Most jobs around town associated with keeping things beautiful are held by Sprout. They work in concert with the Boggle to keep trash off the street although they find the Boggle to be “gross creatures.” They have a natural ability to grow any type of vegetation. If they had thumbs, they would most certainly be green!


Anonymous said...

This game is really easy! I complete it most of the time

Anonymous said...

sprouts game is easy

Anonymous said...

i got the trophy with a score of 3,610

Anonymous said...

Has anyone gotten the gem shard on this game?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone gotten a gem shard on this game yet? If so how? thanks