Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Glub's game ~ FISH BOWLING

It's a game of bowling! "Fish Bowl" ing, that is. And it is fun! It's so cute, Glub is floating in a bowling ball type bubble that rolls down the lane to knock over the pins.

Use your mouse to click where you want the ball to start. Adjust the power level, then click again to release the ball, and use your mouse to aim.

High Scores: A score of 201 earned access to the game from our crib's game room, and "the one that didn't get away"

Highest score reported yet is 238, but no trophy earned yet.
Has anyone earned the trophy yet?

Zone: Kelpy Basin
Color of portal and gem shard: Blue
Length of Play: 10 frames

Funkey Bio:
The Glub are extremely agile and elegant when submerged but on land are like….well, a fish out of water.
The Glub speak in a strange bubbling slurping way that most Funkeys find difficult to understand. But oddly enough, the Glub have the most beautiful singing voices. All their speech difficulties go away when they sing. They perform in the great Funkey Hall, always sing the Funkey anthem “We Want the Funk”, before sporting events and, of course, at Parliament.
Despite their awkwardness on land, the Glub waddle around with their noses in the air and act like big superstars. They are the royalty of all Funkey celebrities and they act like it.


Enoch said...

high score of 257 earned me the trophy

Anonymous said...

my highest score on fish bowling is 279, i got a strike on every frame bar one, i got a 9 and then spared it. was really hoping to get the perfect score, will keep trying.

Anonymous said...

I can only get 201 points on this game! Any advise or help? please! thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Line Glub up to centre pin BEFORE clicking on the mouse. Position cursor on centre pin and click again! We have yet to get the trophy, but get consistantly high scores. ( you can 'fire ' while keeping the cursor perfectly still). Megan age 9

mcho04 said...

UGHHHHH AHHHHH!!! GLUB IS TO HARD! -_- MAN! Thx comment ppl for telling me my goal! Phew this helped! Its just to hard >:I lol


Anonymous said...

I have yet to get the trophy but I know how to get strike almost every time!! (yay me!) :) notice how the mouse appears when you position it above the black strike screen, on the castle tops.well.... just line your mouse up at the very top right of the middle window (so the right edge of the arrow is lined up with the right window edge) and click twice!! simple as that!.... almost...... you can also slow down your pointer speed to make it easier to keep it still.... :) I hope i answered all of your questions!!