Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stitch's Game ~ STITCH STALKER (u.b. funkeys)

The object of this game is to follow "the Very Rare Stitch" without him seeing you. Watch out for the ghost that flies by. If he catches you, you'll loose one of your lives. You start with 3. You can dodge the ghost by moving to the side. You need to keep an eye on the map in the lower right of the screen so you'll know where Very Rare Stitch goes, and you'll know when the ghost is coming closer to you.

Collect cake along the way for more points, and a symbol that gives you a spurt of speed, and fluffy white stuff (does anyone know what they are for?). Avoid the green sticky stuff & mud puddles that will slow you down.
[update: we now know that you can use the space bar to activate a smoke screen to hide you from the ghost when it passes. The fluffy white thing gives you that ability. Thanks to those who responded to the question!]

High Scores:
12,225 won a trophy, Bed of Nails, access to game in crib's game room.
An "insane high" score of 16,450 won a Broken Arcade Machine.

Magma Gorge

Color of portal and gem shard: Red

Length of Play: 5 Rounds

Funkey BIO:
Funkey folklore reports it like this - a long time ago the Stitch were trusted with the great secret of King Funkankhamun of the Golden Age. It was a secret so great it could bring down the King, his Golden Age and maybe all of Terrapinia.
As protectors of the this great secret, the Stitch kept away from most other Funkeys, spending their time lurking in graveyards, peacefully cultivating and gathering mushrooms. They were so successful in keeping this secret, that all Funkeys started entrusting their secrets to the Stitch. They would follow other Funkeys around, learn the secrets and then store them for safe keeping.
After years of this behavior, the Stitch evolved to having lips sewed shut, an eye for danger, and no heart so that they can never be tempted to tell their secrets. If what they knew got out . . .

{If anyone can add anything to this, please post a comment or send an email to . I'm looking for more high scores, and low scores that still earned a trophy. Also, if you know of another game that you can compare this to, I'd like to know! Thanks.} ub funkeys, u. b. Funkey, ubfunkies, stalker game


Hanny said...

Hi the White Cloud things if you press the space bar stops the ghost to a bit of time. :D

Anonymous said...

I would like to note that I would not want a stitch funkey holding my cake or anything.

alex said...

Also when the ghost comes, just walk into the side of the walls and he goes straight past you.

FFM (Ashley) said...

My all-time high score is 116,635 points.-But i'm not giving away any secrets. The crib that has that score in it is FFMSRARECRIB if you don't believe me!

Anonymous said...

I earned the trophy with a score of 6,845