Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tiki's Game ~ BOUNCE 'N BREAK

The object of Tiki's game is to bounce the ball off your shield to break all of the boards above. You use your mouse to move the shield across the screen.

I learned that it is much better to use the mouse instead of a touch pad.

Have fun playing this and remember to keep your eye on the ball!

High Scores: A high score of 56,148 will win you a trophy, and a Chieftan's thrown and access to the game from your crib's game room. A score of 57,397 was an insane high score that earned a Tiki Guard.
The highest score posted has been 59,388

Zone: Kelpy Basin

Color of portal and gem shard: Blue

Levels of play: 10

Funkey BIO:

The Tiki are believed to be the first Funkeys to inhabit Terrapinia. All other Funkeys evolved from the Tiki. The first Tiki crawled out of the primordial soup and walked on land over a million years ago.
Hunters and gatherers, they quickly became the dominant species. They created a thriving society, the ruins of which can still be seen in the MesoFunkey Plains. They developed the first language and writings, and were also prolific artists.
Tiki artifacts are highly prized by Funkey collectors. While once fierce warriors, the Tikis now live an almost Zen like existence and despite their ferocious look, modern Tiki are vegans.

A note about the color of Rare Tiki: It is actually olive green although it appears as yellow in print and on screen in the game.

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Anonymous said...

Where the heck do you get a tiki!

I keep going back to ebay and thinking of buying it and glub but I dont know. Those two funkeys seem impossible to find. They sometimes can be up to $20!

I have gotten these others from ebay:

Stitch (rare)
Vroom (rare)
Xener (rare)
Sprout (rare)
Fallout (rare)
(just noticed they are all rare)

And I am hoping to find an easier way to find these hard ones to complete my collection!

Robyn said...

You're right, they are hard to find! If you live in the US, you can check Target, Walmart, K-mart, Toys R Us, Limited Too, and maybe Best Buy.
You have to time it right, though, and get to the store soon after the shipment comes in. Most stores have helpful managers who can tell you when they expect the next shipment.
Hope that helps!