Sunday, February 24, 2008

Twinx's Game ~ TWINX DREAM

In this game you will use the arrow keys to move twinx and the space bar to make her throw up a star. The object is to hit all of the moving targets (sun, clouds, and rainbows) before they drop "raindrops" on Twinx, and before the remaining ones move all the way down to the bottom. The sun, clouds, and rainbow move faster in each round.

High Scores: A score of 13,680 earned us rainbow wallpaper and we can access the game from our “game room”. A score of 17,069 got us the Twinx Dream Trophy.

The highest score yet is 47,812 on level 49

Zone: Kelpy Basin

Color of portal and gem: Blue

Length of Play: possibly infinity? One Funkey Fan played through level 49, she decided to end the game herself at that point!

How to get to Twinx Dream:

Twinx's game (Twinx Dream) and mart are located inside of Twinx Heaven. On the right is a picture of Twinx Heaven, which is located in Kelpy Basin. There is a small picture of the map, and Twinx Heaven is located where you see the large red diamond, in the lower right corner.

Funkey BIO:
Twinx means “star” in the native Funkey language, and the Twinx embody this word. They have achieved celebrity status in Terrapinia.
Like the Amazons on Earth, the Twinx are all female. But don’t let their beauty fool you, the Twinx are a strong & proud race. Legend has it that the Twinx captured all the power of the moon and the stars in their big beautiful eyes.
The Twinx shimmer with the energy of the entire Funkey Galaxy. You can see it in their captivating and hypnotic eyes. But the energy that went in can also come out. The Twinx could change the world in the blink of an eye.


Alex said...

Hi, i have funkeys since last christmas and to complete my blue gem i just need twinx's. How many points do you need for it. I have only been to level 25.

Anonymous said...

Instead of getting so many points you just need to play it a bunch of times.

Anonymous said...

i need help i can't fin d the twinx game. where is it please help thanx.

Robyn said...

Hi karategirl779, I have added a picture of the map to my post about this game. I hope that answers your question about where to find the Twinx game. If I can answer any more, you are welcome to post another comment, or email me!

Kewl said...

I got an insane high score of over 50,000 points and got a super rare Stellar Pinball Machine. I made it to level 33!

Kewl said...

I also have a cheat:
If you hold down the spacebar, a random cloud/rainbow/sun will blow up. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I want to get a gem shard in any of the following games.
Twinx dream, DJ Master Scratch, Record Rampage
How many points do I need fo each??
Please help!!

FFM said...

No one can beat my high score!!! Its over 100 thousand.. I'm not sure of it exactly but its in my crib.

Anonymous said...

I say what ole chaps i do have a impostarist score of 298,091 on twinx dream on level 69