Thursday, March 6, 2008


Thanks to NeonMaster for writing up Vroom's character profile & instructions!

In Vroom’s game, Super Vroom Ball, you start out on round 1 with 5 balls. To throw the balls, hold down left click, aim, quickly move the mouse forward,(fast or it’ll be a “Dead Ball”) and let go. Be careful on how powerful you throw it, or it’ll go out of bounds, counting as one of your 5 balls. There are three rounds. On the second round you get 7 balls, and on round 3 You get 10 balls. Tips: Practice makes perfect! Keep trying to get it in that 100 slot, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to throw it in easily! Plus, during those countless games of practicing, you could win a gem shard!

High Scores: A score of 1,220 earned a Stunt Cannon, Access to it from the Game room, a Trophy, and a Classic Pinball Machine for NeonMaster.

Zone: Laputta Station

Color of Portal and Gem Shard: Green

Length of play: An estimated 3-7 Min.

Funkey BIO:

The Vroom have an instinctive love for anything fast and dangerous. Their natural mechanical skills and enthusiasm for showing off have given them the reputation of being the most daring of all of the Funkeys. The Vroom only reinforce this reputation by constantly performing what appear to be ever increasingly dangerous feats, when in fact these stunts are carefully choreographed and practiced with safety in mind.
Most Vroom perform their stunts purely for the love of the stunt itself, and often do so before a cheering audience of their fellow Funkeys. They constructed a giant arena, called the Room de Vroom, on Laputa Station for their performances.
The Deuce work hard at being deuce, but the Vroom are just naturally cool.


Silurian said...

I got a score of 1100 points and I got the trophy but no access to the game room.

I find that so silly, that you can win a trophy but still not be able to play it in your game room lol.

Silurian said...

Another weird thing...I just got the 1220 score and got the pinball machine, but still no access to my gameroom.

funkey said...

vroom is hard to find