Monday, March 3, 2008

Lotus's Game ~ HEART HOOPLA

In Lotus' game, Heart Hoopla, you need to match 3 of the same color hearts. Using the mouse, you aim to release the heart. The level ends when a heart hits the top.

Notice that you can see the next color heart that will come up next. Use that as part of your strategy. Other tips that may help are: you can bounce the heart off the side, you have 3 sticks of dynamite but you might want to save them for the end when really them. If you have a color heart you can't use right away, aim it out of the way of any 2 color groupings to keep it out of the way for now. If you are aiming for the top row, you can line up your aim by placing your cursor up & outside the range and then bring it down to line it up perfectly. Don't move your arrow between shots because you know where it's aiming, so you can use that as your point of reference when you line up your next shot.

High Scores:
A score of 38, 460 got access to game room plus a nature's heart (contributed by prolo245). 52,004 got the trophy, 75,000 got the panda pinball (contributed by sneck). The highest score reported is 14,5470 by KT
(high scores were reported on the Funkey Fan Forum. You can read about more strategys there)

Zone: Funkeystown

Color of portal and gem shard: Purple

Length of play: 10 minutes as the timer counts down

Funkey BIO:

Lotus are extremely calm & peaceful Funkeys and have an intense connection to the planet - the Great Mother Terrapin. Lotus are friends to all wildlife and have the ability to communicate with many different types of animals; some say they can even talk to trees.
With such a natural bond with the environment, it seems odd that the Lotus reside in the heart of Funkeys Town. Could this be the reason for the broken heart? Then again, maybe it is their strong bond with environment that holds all of Funkeys Town together.
Either way, the Lotus stay cool in all situations, even Master Lox and his evil henchmen don't get the Lotus too worried; their expressions never change.

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