Saturday, February 21, 2009

UB Funkeys at 106th American International Toy Fair® in New York City, 2009

Here are some images of UB Funkey figures that were found on from the 106th American International Toy Fair® in New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center that took place on Feb. 15 - 18.
(Special recognition goes to Obsessed Funkey for posting images from the Toy Fair on her blog and sharing it with Funkey Fans & that's how we became aware!)

This is the largest Toy Trade Show in the Western Hemisphere! I was hoping to find that Mattel's UB Funkeys were recognized with one of the rewards, but unfortunately they were not!
But surprising to me was that the Toy of the Year award went to Bakugan Battle Brawlers Battle Pack Series 1 Spheres – Spin Master. (source:

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Are any other Funkey Fans also into the Gormiti figures? Liam just discovered them, I suppose because the TV commercials for them started running. I was wondering if anyone has these yet? From the little bit of internet research I've done, it appears they were big in Europe over the past year, but started here very recently.

Even though this is off-topic for a UB Funkey blog, I know many of you share the same interests as Liam outside of Funkeys. Such as Bionicles , NeoShifters (he loves the games on the website!), Lego, Nintendo Wii, and DS.

Therefore, I knew you all would most likely be some good people to ask what you know about these Gormiti figures and cards!

Here are pictures of the 2 Gormiti warriors that Liam has:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Really, People? Over $350 for UB Funkey Dot? No,Really?

I am sitting here in total disbelief. P-Lease, somebody explain this to me!

There have been 3 Dot U.B. Funkeys sold on Ebay in the past week or so. One had 48 bids that drove the final price up to $355. Another had 72 bids, driving the price up to $365.51, the third was sold as a "buy it now" for $360.

Come on now, we all know I love U.B. Funkeys, right? Writing this blog for over a year now, I like to play the games every once in a while, I get excited when it's time to hunt for the newly released Funkeys and there's a thrill to finding them.

BUT, PLEASE.........$350 or more to buy Dot? My jaw hit the floor, and it's still there.

I mean, Come on, even "Obsessed Funkey" thinks that's ridiculous and she's obsessed!

Uh, oh, was it you AkaAbbey that bought one of them? LOL. I think she already has one.

To put this in perspective a bit more, I figured out that $350 could buy you 56 Funkeys from Target at their price of about $5.99 plus tax. Target sells some Funkeys for less, and so does Walmart, but I'm taking the conservative approach to make my point. You can vote in my poll (see sidebar) to let everyone know what you think!

Okay, I know I need to let this go, but just one more thing.......I would like to ask these people who were bidding on the Dots once it got over $200:

~ You do realize it's just a piece of vinyl, right?

~ If you want to play Dot's game, you can buy a "familiar" for A WHOLE lot less (it may not be available right now, but I would think it will come back around soon)

~ Mattel should be releasing Dot to retail stores at some point.

~ You have to pay with REAL MONEY if you win the bids on Ebay. Okay, just checking to be sure you know that. It's not just virtual coins like in the game.

Maybe I am just missing something here. Please, someone explain it to me!