Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Funkey Halloween!

Happy Halloween! What's everyone going as tonight? I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to make a UB Funkey costume? If so, I'd love to see pictures.

Can you see Ptep in this picture?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ub Funkey Game Creator - Ace & Mulch

These 2 UB Funkeys are Liam's favorites now. He has a renewed interest in playing UB Funkeys because he's having a blast creating games, and also playing the games that others have created. We finally found Ace & Mulch at a KMart a couple of months ago.

Ace & Mulch are different from the other Funkeys in a couple of ways. They don't have a game that is already created, but instead you create the games! They are also different in the way that they each have a detachable piece which make them toys to play with as well.

These are some of the games that Liam enjoyed playing:
watchoutforgreens, by Onewa80
Skywarz1, by Verto
Spacebattle2, by Funkeylover
1st, by THEGMAN12
accenturer, by spruce
boomboompow, by orcestra