Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trying to get UB Funkeys working with Windows 7?

I hear from many UB Funkey fans that they want to play the Funkeys on Windows 7 operating system. Mattel is not going to make a patch for that, but there are some players who have figured out how to make it work.

I haven't tried to install the game yet on our new PC with Windows 7, but I found a comment written on Augiewan's blog that looks like something good to try:
[Edit written on 1/16/11: I went to the microsoft website to try this for myself and discovered that we cannot use XP mode on ours because it is the Personal version. Only Professional & Ultimate versions of Windows 7 can use the XP mode]

Download XP Mode from Microsoft and install it as per Microsoft's instructions. Once installed (3 parts) open the XP mode window
and install the UB Funkeys from the CD. Follow instructions as usual. In this mode you have to tell XP mode to attch to a USB device - in the menu bar for the program there is a header "USB" with a drop down box - select the MEGABYTE hub and click Attach....voila it will load no problem....Lee

Link to Mattel's 4.8 download:

Here are some other reliable sources to view:

Please see the comments on the following blog post


ashsstarz said...

Hi, I am sooooo very excited that after months of no luck I finally got my funkeys to work. Since your site more or less led me there I though I would post a comment in case other ppl happen upon it. Your idea of the xp mode was good except I also have the personal and am not cool enough to get it lol! But this got me to thinking, so I did download the VMware player (which was free), and was able to load an old disc of windows xp onto a virtual drive. From there my son FINALLY gets to play! Thank you so much!

Robyn said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, this was recent, does the hub work?!

I've had these since very first release..

Haven't played in ages, the site's down too D:

Anonymous said...

HELP! it say the u b funkey isnt in but it always is. Should i get a new big white u b funkey?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hei, how can I get that Dream State working? I live in Finland and just bought some funkeys from USA (Drift), but it can´t go in any portal?

Anonymous said...

I've downloaded everything to do with Windows XP mode but when ever i select the Megabyte USB slot. It won't attach the USB device. I've tried whiching the USB to a different USB slot but nothing. Is there anyway to fix this?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I've downloaded the windows XP mode but when i try to attach the Hub it won't let me. it keeps saying 'Can't attach USB' and it keeps telling me to try a different port or restart the XP mode. So i tried both but nothing. Is there anyway to fix this?

Anonymous said...

I have the game but the HUB won't install. HELP!

Anonymous said...

I have the game, but the problem is is that when ever i plug in the U.B.Funkey, it always says "MAKE SURE THAT THE U.B.FUNKEY IS CONNECTED" even though it already is!!!! HELP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Listen up people. If you are trying to download the UB Funkeys game on a system newer than Windows vista, then it WONT WORK. The computers are too new for the game. YOu have three options.
1) Find an old computer
2) Download a virtual machine that loads things in an older operating system
3) IF AND ONLY IF you have a 32 bit computer right click the program, go to compatability, and open the program with an older operating system.

On top of all that, the English UB Funkey website is down so you will have to find the files elsewhere.