Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where are the Dream State Funkeys?

Oh where, oh where are the Dream State Funkeys?

Oh where, oh where could they be?

With Daydream Oasis and Nightmare Rift,

Oh where, oh where could they be?

I am so ready for the Dream State singles to arrive at the stores that I started singing this song the other day. (If you haven't noticed it already, it goes to the tune of "oh where could my little dog be"!)
Has anyone found the Dream State singles yet anywhere? Please let us know when you do!
So far all anyone has seen is the new Dream State hub with Bones & Drift. Toys R Us is still the best place to get them. There are some selling on Ebay at higher prices than TRU. is selling them, but I have heard reports of mix ups, and the buyers are receiving the original hubs instead of Dream State. Perhaps the sellers weren't aware of the differences? Be careful of which sellers you buy from through Amazon. Does anyone have any favorite sellers they can recommend?

Monday, June 23, 2008

"Superplace" Crib of a UB Funkey fan

I want to share a picture of a crib that I thought was really cool. It is the crib of Funkeyz who is a regular on the Funkey Fan Forum. Funkeyz left a comment a couple days ago about this crib they entered into the crib contest. So I looked it up at Grand Funkey Station.

I like it! I just had to post it. Good luck in the contest!

If you have a crib you'd like to enter into the contest, please see

You can also leave a comment here about your crib, or email me, and I can put a picture as well. Thanks!

Update to Complete List of UB Funkeys checklist

Karl of KIWIreviews made an update to his UB Funkey checklist. Please check it out, I've revised the previous post to show the new checklist that includes all variations of the Speed Racer Funkey series: UB Funkeys Checklist

If you've already downloaded the first version, you may want to replace it with this new version.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

UB Funkey Crib Contest @ is having a "Crib of the Month Award" contest for the Funkeyest crib each month. Submit your crib by filling out the form on

Voting begins July 1st. And beginning August 1, the first place winner will be awarded a Funkey character. Please see their website for details.

This is my crib, but not one that I would submit for the contest. It looks rather empty, doesn't it? Well, there are couple of explanations for that. One is that a 6 year old decorated it for me. Not bad, for 6, eh? Looks tasteful, but everything is bunched in the corner. It's the minimalist look!
The other reason for the emptiness is that I lost my crib again. It must have happened after I tried to set a unique funkey name after the 3.0 update. Only this time I was able to restore it because I had a back up copy of an older 'profile.rdf' file. I still lost a few items that we had bought since my last file back-up, such as a couple of chim-chim's treehouses, a bunch of race cars, and a whole litter of cats. I can earn those back, it's much better than loosing it all!

Monday, June 16, 2008

UB Funkey Checklist from

Our friend, Karl, of KIWIreviews has shared a UB Funkey checklist with us. I know you all will like this. The checklist includes the Speed Racer series and the Dream State series.

[Edit on 1/16/11: As I see this post still has many visitors years later, I should add that it is not complete. The Funkeys not included here are: Hidden Realm and Paradox Green. For more information on those, please search my blog. There's a google search box in the upper right sidebar]

You can download the PDF file from his website:

After you click on the link, scroll down to the UB Funkey section & you'll see where you can click to download.
He has a note on his website that the PDF is designed to be printed in color at A4 size.

Thanks Karl!

Blog edit on June 22, 2008: Karl has updated his checklist to include all variations of the Speed Racer Funkey series. I have replaced the image to reflect those changes. However, you will see the comments below that were posted prior to these changes. The latest & greatest version is available for download from his website (see above)

just a note: this is the most complete list of UB Funkeys that I've seen anywhere. (**please see the note about Dream State below).

This is an excellent reference for anyone who wants to see the different versions as well. They are listed in order of common (or normal), Rare, and Very Rare.

**Of the Dream State series that is pictured, we have not seen any of them on the market yet (as of June 17 '08) except the common Drift which comes as part of the Dream State starter kit. We are on the look out for the others to be released and this blog will report that once the word is out. We expect the first wave to include Vlurp, Drift, Ptep, and Waggs.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New UB Funkey Villains

Here's another image from the new UB Funkey Dream State starter hub package. It says, "Watch out, new villains are waiting to steal your coins! Defeat them and save the Funkeys"

We've seen the villain on the right side (Goya, he's light blue with long sharp white teeth, we think he's waiting in Nightmare Rift), but I don't think the green one on the left is in the stories we've seen yet from the 3.0 update (I'll need to verify that, but Liam says he has never seen it before).

My guess is that the green one is in Daydream Valley (that's what they call it on the packaging, although it also says "Daydream Oasis"). And the updates for that haven't come through yet.

I think the green villain in the picture looks alot like Dorothy the Dinosaur from Wiggles (but, of course I know it's not!), or the frog from the Leap Frog games. Liam thinks it looks like a flower.
What do you think?

Here's a closer picture (below). I know they aren't the best pictures, and they could be better if I decided to actually open the package and didn't have the reflection from the plastic!

This link will take you to my previous blog post showing images of the future Funkeys on the side: Dream State now at Toys R Us

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dream State UB Funkeys are now at Toys R Us!

We found the UB Funkeys Dream State 2-pack starter hub with Drift and Bones today at Toys R Us in Sterling, Va.

Toys R Us is selling it for $19.99, but I previously reported that it was $21.99. Sorry for that error. The higher price was listed on the shelf, but my receipt says $19.99. That's cool.

(note as of 6/15/08: I haven't heard of many people finding these at other Toys R Us stores around the country, so they might not be officially available yet. Perhaps it was even an error that the few stores have started to stock their shelves this soon. I'll keep you posted)

(as of 6/30/08: Still no Dream State Funkey singles at Toys R Us, just U.B. the hub with Bones & Drift.)

If you want to call your Toys R Us to see if they have it in stock, the UPC# is 027084658620 **

I hoped to find the 4-pack or singles since we already have Bones. Maybe we'll see that out soon.
The 4 pack will contain Waggs, Drift, Ptep, and Vlurp.

This next image is interesting, and news to me, the side of the Dream State starter hub package shows some Funkeys to come in the future that I haven't seen before. Check it out.......

Have you seen the Dream State Funkeys yet in stores near you? Please report it when you do! There are lots of folks eager to buy them as soon as they are available!

Links to my previous posts about Dream State:

Dream State & Chat Funkey 3.0 update

What's new with the UB Funkey 3.0 update

Sneak Peek at Dream State games

** [6/14/08 note: Just want to add that I am not sure how accurate the Toys R Us computers are when you call and ask the customer service person to look up the code. Before I went to this store yesterday, I called to see if they had the Speed Racer hub in stock because I had to exchange mine (speedy wasn't working). I gave them the UPC off my receipt & they said they had 12 in stock. When I got there, they were mostly hubs with Twinx & Scratch, 2 Dream State, but NO Speed Racer. And the hubs all have different codes. So, that's just an FYI, that my code tip might not work. But I have reached really nice customer service people in the past who will actually go look on the shelves and hold one!! It's worth asking so you don't waste gas. The gas you save might actually pay for your Funkeys!!]

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Games for Dream State Funkeys

Here's a sneak peek at what the new UB Funkey games will look like for the newest Dream State (Daydream Oasis & Nightmare Rift Funkeys, still not available for purchase yet!) [update on 6/13/08: We found the new hub with Drift & Bones today at Toys R Us]

I had the images, but turned to Augiewan's blog, for the names, otherwise I'd be guessing. Thanks Augiewan!

Wagg's game, located in Funkeystown at Wagg's University ~ Wagg-Words

Vlurp's game is called Perplexing Paths. We will guess this game is through the Nightmare Rift portal, but we can't get there yet until these new Funkeys hit the market

Drift's game, located in Funkeystown, is Flipper Fever

Ptep's game is most likely through the Nightmare portal, and it is called Pyramid Puzzler

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's new with UB Funkeys 3.0 update?

In addition to the changes we posted about yesterday, Liam discovered a few more changes while he was playing UB Funkeys this morning. We'll list them here, but we hope there's more that some of you have discovered and can share with us. That's always fun after every explore Terrapinia and find the changes.

This is what we discovered so far:

~ Your Funkey will get completely clean after only one wash at a washing station. Previous to this update, it would take 5 cleanings.

~ The Game Room in your crib has changed. You can now scroll through the screen and see "Chats", "Story", as well as "Games"

~ There is a new category under your stuff in the crib called Activities (I just corrected this name, sorry, I wrote what Liam told me without verifying it first! He is getting better at reading but he's still in kindergarten. hehehe)

~ When you have your stuff out and you are decorating your crib, you'll see the Funkey walking around, getting in your way. Before the update, he would disappear and not get in your way.

I'm sure there's more that we haven't discovered yet. What have you found? Please leave a comment or post to the Funkey Fan Forum.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Update 3.0 ~ Dream State & Chat Funkeys

The updates are ready today! When we logged in to UB Funkeys, we got the message that the 3.0 update was ready for download.

Funkeystown looks different immediately upon arrival. We found the Chat Funkey's game rooms and some Dream State game rooms, the Nightmare portal, and the Funkeys are "talking" to us now. Of course we can't go further than just exploring and see the outside until the newest Funkeys are available which will be sometime this summer (update on 6/13/08: We found the Dream State hub with Drift & Bones at a Toys R Us store in Northern Virginia).
There is one place you can check out now, that is Funkeystown Fine Rides. It's a new mart located in Funkeystown where you can buy cars, motorcycles, a buggy, and a tank.

Here are some images................

Hollar U.F.U.N.K. Studios:

Gabby Abbey, and the new Nightmare portal:

Wagg's University:

Funkeystown Fine Rides:

Drift's place:

ROM Nexus is in Laputta Station:

Rewind Roost in Funkiki Island:

When we signed on, we got this screen...........we're getting ready for the Chat Funkeys and multi player games!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008