Tuesday, September 30, 2008

UB Funkeys Lucky & Sprocket are out!

Thanks to Pteprocks, Chris, and Lilaq for their alerts that Lucky is up on Ebay!

And thanks to Funkeyz from the FunkeyFanForum that Sprocket is on there too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

FunkeyFever.com Prizes for the October Crib Contest!

The FunkeyFever.com prize choice for the winner of the October UB Funkey Crib Contest will be one of the following: Rare Vlurp, or Very Rare Ptep, or Very Rare Tank.

So if you haven't submitted your scariest crib yet, there has been a deadline extension and you now have until September 30th to enter.

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funkeys101's Slideshow of Daydream Oasis

Funkeys101 has put together a slideshow of his pictures of Daydream Oasis. You all just have to see it! If you don't already have a Funkey that goes to Daydream Oasis, I think you'll really like seeing these pictures.

But, once again, a warning that it is a spoiler if you want to wait to be surprised to see the trophy, and the item for an insane high score, and some other fun things in Daydream Oasis.

Here's the link: Funkeys101's Daydream Oasis slideshow
You can view a smaller version of the slideshow over on the right in the sidebar of this blog. I placed it further down so it won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't want to see it.

If you're like me, you'll want a Tank, Berger, Lucky, or Dyer REALLY bad after seeing those pictures. You might also start craving cake and/or ice cream!

Here's another picture from Funkeys101. This is his collection of Daydream Oasis funkeys.
He found Berger at a Target in Miami back on August 30th. That makes it the first reported Daydream Oasis Funkey found. Wow, that was a great find! So, all of you Funkey hunters in Florida, there's hope for you to find one soon! We didn't have any luck today at a Target up here in Northern Va.

Thanks, Funkeys101, for sharing your pictures!

Don't forget to vote in the FunkeyFever.com Crib Contest!

If you haven't heard about the UB Funkeys crib contest over on FunkeyFever.com, you should hop over there and check it out.

You can vote for your favorite crib for the current month (only one vote per IP address), and also enter the crib contest for next month.

There are 2 days left to enter the crib contest for voting in October. Your entry must be in by September 25th. And then the first 50 cribs submitted will be displayed for voting beginning on Oct. 1. The theme for October is Scariest Crib In Funkeytown!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the winner of the crib contest will win a Funkey!
Please see the website, for details.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pictures of UB Funkey Berger & Daydream Oasis

Dillon W. from Colorado has shared some pictures of the UB Funkey Berger with us.

Here's a spoiler warning for those who want to be surprised later: There are pictures of the trophy and inside Daydream Oasis and Berger Haus at the bottom of this post.

We hope you enjoy the pictures, and here's a big "Thank You" to Dillon!
Oh, I should also apologize for the smaller than usual pictures, I had trouble making them larger. Dillon has sent some screen captures in as well, and I'll try to get those up too, so please check back soon!

Berger outside of Berger Haus:

Berger inside Berger Haus:

Berger's Trophy:

Dillon W's UB Funkey Dream State collection:

Dillon W's UB Funkey Family collection:

I'll post a picture of the trophy in the trophy room soon.

A summary of UB Funkey Cheat Codes (aka "bonus codes")

I just saw on Ebay that someone is selling a list of UB Funkey cheat codes for $2.45, and I couldn't help but laugh because they are available for free with just a quick google search. But then my jaw dropped when I saw that 2 people have already bought it! (I did a little more looking & saw that 5 people have purchased the list, some paid $3.25!). The seller advertises it as a list of 14 UB Funkey Cheat Codes.

I have two thoughts on that.......should I be trying to sell something as well? Nah, I don't feel right doing that, but I suppose information is valuable!

My second thought is this: Which code am I missing? I only have 13. I'll list them here (from previous blog posts) and maybe someone out there will know what the 14th is (but don't try to sell it to me for $2.45, LOL). My guess at the moment is maybe it came from the UB Funkey speaker set or maybe one of the multi-player games or newer hubs.
[edit: Oops! We did have the 14th cheat code, I just forgot, but thanks for the reminders from those who left comments!]

This is what I have so far:

  1. iluvfunkeys345 ~ 50 coins

  2. 6786allworkandnoplay ~ 50 coins & a Very Rare Insane Flaming Hoop

  3. sproutarboretum852 ~ 75 coins & five new wallhangings

  4. funkeystownmuseum28 ~ 75 coins & a Chocolate Lava Lamp

  5. wasabipagoda992 ~ 100 coins & box of Exploding Whizbangs

  6. tikihut327 ~ 50 coins & a war totem

  7. boggleden129 ~ 75 coins & a Ghost Flame Toilet

  8. ponderingpark453 ~ 75 coins & Sonic shield generator

  9. falloutcompound358 ~ 75 coins & Solid Gold Panel

  10. kelpybasin4564 ~ 75 coins & Chocolate Seaweed

  11. radicarules4565 ~ 500 coins & a Very Rare Diamond Treasure Chest

  12. dascratchclub983 ~ 75 coins & a Platinum Record
  13. bogglethemind2256 ~ 50 coins & a Foul Smelling Bone Chair
  14. rocketwithsprocket6588 ~ 25 coins & a robot

Enter the codes at the main menu login screen under "options". Each of your login names will get the bonuses upon login. Use lowercase letters when entering the code.

Here's another question for you all - Have you come across any codes that work more than once? The seller of the cheat code list on Ebay claims that some of the codes will work again on another day. I just went down the entire list that I have, and they didn't work again for me!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite kitchen item on Oprah: Gaggenau Steamer

This is of-topic for this blog, but since it took me a while to find, I thought I'd share this link.

If you watched Oprah Winfrey today, Feb. 12, 2009 with Gwyneth Paltrow and her favorite kitchen items and want to find the steamer that is her favorite, a Gaggenau Steamer, you can find the link on my blog's right sidebar.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More of Lilaq's UBFunkey Daydream Oasis pics & Tank Coral Cruiser Trophy

Most of you probably want to see these images of inside Daydream Oasis, and of the Tank Coral Cruiser trophy. But if you are one who wants to be surprised later when you gain access to Daydream Oasis, then don't look at the rest of this post!

I'll come back at a later time to add some captions to the pictures above.
This next image is Lilaq's trophy room where you can see the Coral Cruiser trophy on the far right. If you want to take a closer look, the crib name is BlueBlackRoom.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Images of UB Funkey Tank in Daydream Oasis

Lilaq has shared these pictures of Tank and Daydream Oasis. Lilaq is one of the first lucky ones to get a Tank. Thanks so much for sending these in!

Tank in the hub:

Tank in Daydream Oasis, near Berger Haus:

Tank in Daydream Oasis, near Lucky Palace:

Lilaq's collection of Daydream Oasis Funkeys:

Lilaq's Funkey collection:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Master Lox, Mayor Sayso, and Henchmen as playable Funkeys?

Eric L. from Fresno, Ca. sent in these images that he got from working with his game files (a note to the kids reading this: That is not recommended unless you really know what you're doing!). It shows that the UB Funkey game is set up so that Master Lox, Mayor Sayso, and a Henchman will be playable characters. You can see where the images are highlighted, similar to the way the Funkey you play as is always shown in the upper left corner with the highlights around the Funkey.

Neonmaster & Mittens also sent in some images with glowing figures that appear to be a correct assumption that they will be playable characters. One was Jerry from Funkiki Island and now we've seen the product images, so that has been confirmed. Another image was that of a henchmen.

Friday, September 12, 2008

UB Funkey Sprocket in Australia

Nick B. from Australia sent me an email that he found a Sprocket Multiplayer pack that came with rare Boggle. It looks like Australia finally got something ahead of the States! They deserve a break. I'll try to get some more pictures to post.

Sprocket's game is Rock'em Sock'em Sprocket and it is a multi-player game. Oh, no, not another boxing game. I hope it's not like Racer X's game because I wasn't good at that at all!

Edit on 9/23/08: Pteprocks sent in this screen capture of the end of Sprocket's game after he played it against someone who has Sprocket.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UB Funkeys Hidden Realm pre-order through www.tfaw.com

*******The Update 4.0 for Hidden Realm is available today, Dec 9, 2008. Please see my current post for more information: Hidden Realm....It's time! ************

Updated news: You can order the 4-pack from Amazon.com for $29.99. (You can go to the sidebar on the right of this blog and click on the widget)

Here is an image from Things From Another World showing the next Funkey series, Hidden Realm.
Although the TFAW.com website shows it as "Forbidden Realm",the official Mattel website, UBFunkeys.com refers to the next series as Hidden Realm, so I'm going with that name for now.

This new series is available only as a pre-order, with the estimated release date of November 26 of this year (this date is not confirmed, I got it from the website, but I'll keep you updated when I find out more).

The Funkey names that tfaw.com lists are Raj, Yang, Yeti, and Kali
(please see comments, it appears Mattel has other names for them!)

Here are the pre-order prices:

$25.56 single pack

$49.58 for quad pack

$63.98 for the starter kit with hub and 2 Funkeys

Credit goes to lil t 123 for sending an email to me about this a week ago. I realize this is now old news to most of you since I had such a long delay in posting about it. I really wanted to post the above image, so waited to receive permission to use it. I hope you all like it too!

Here's a link to an earlier post showing images from Comic-con

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dream State UB Funkeys 25% off at Toys R Us tomorrow!

We just got our sale circulars for tomorrow's Washington Post. I thought I'd share that the Toys R Us sale flyer is advertising 25% on ALL Dream State Funkeys.

The sale runs from September 7 - 13, 2008

It appears that sale applies to all stores in the US. Now we'll just hope we start seeing the Daydream Oasis Funkeys there this week!

3.15 UB Funkeys Promo Update

When Liam logged on to UB Funkeys this morning, we got a new update, 3.15 Promo it was called. I called Mattel to ask about it because there were no obvious changes. The answer I got was that it updated some maps, some blanks in the maps....not sure which ones. Has anyone noticed anything different?

I want to thank NeonMaster for reminding me of this. I wanted to post this earlier and then I got sidetracked and completely forgot!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

UB Funkeys Plush Deuce at Target.com

What do you all think about this one? A plush Deuce. Would you even buy it? I guess it's cute, but I wonder if you have to be a fan of playing UB Funkeys to think it's cute. It seems that someone who isn't familiar with Deuce would not buy a devil-looking creature for a kid. And if you bought it for a friend's little kid, randomly, if they are non-funkey playing folks, what do you think they'd be thinking?

Thanks to Annie's comment, I went back to the Target.com website and see it's been updated since my last post. It now says, "$4.99" and "In Stores Only". And there are more images.

Now, if I saw a Dot, Flurry, Bandit or Rewind, maybe even Sol or Twinx, I'd be very tempted to buy one!

I need to thank Brouf for leaving a comment to tell us about this on Target.com (you knew I'd really like this, didn't you? You must have known I'd thank you 'cause you already said "welcome"! LOL . You are right, I love this kinda stuff!)

So, to the rest of you, what do you think? Are you going to buy one?

Monday, September 1, 2008

UB Funkey Adventure Pack with Pineapple King, Jerry, Sol, and a Funkiki Island native

Thanks to Lilaq who posted a comment telling us about the UB Funkeys Adventure 4-pack, exclusive at Target. The pack includes Funkiki Island characters Sol, Jerry the dude who guides you around Funkiki Island, The Pineapple King, and a Funkiki Island native. Lilaq found them on Target.com, but the website says they are not available yet. I'll post again when they do become available.