Saturday, November 29, 2008

U.B. Funkeys: To Buy or Not To Buy?

This post is for those who are searching for more information about the U.B. Funkeys virtual computer game before buying it as a gift for someone.

When you are ready to buy UB Funkeys, here is a guide of where to find them: Where To Buy UB Funkeys

First, you can find an on-line demo at Mattel's official UB Funkey website: UB Funkeys Demo

(Thank you FFM for sending me the email link)

To further help with the decision of buying the UB Funkey game or not, I have my own list of Pro's and Con's. I'll try to keep this as an evolving list where I add what others have to contribute as well. Please leave comments and I'll do my best to add them to the list.

  • Although they are collectibles and you need more pieces (Funkeys) in order to play more games, they are affordable, even for the kids to buy with their own gift money or allowance ($4.99 - $7.99 in the retail stores, depending on where you can find the ones you are looking for)

  • The game is fun for the whole family. You can have up to 8 login names. Parents like it too, and it can be a bonding experience for the family as they share fun together.

  • The game is continuously growing, Mattel has been putting out updates and enhancements every few months and it keeps the game interesting.

  • Parents can be sure that their kids are safe playing the game. Even though the multiplayer Funkeys enable play against other people, and there is chat capability, it is all safe in the way that communication is not "free chat". The phrases are all pre-set.

  • You don't need to be connected to the internet in order to play the game, although you will need access to the internet for the periodic updates that will come as downloads.

  • There are learning opportunities within the game. I especially like the lesson of saving coins to buy something more expensive later, rather than spending the coins on little things as soon as the kids earn them. My son, Liam, has come a long way since he began playing. In the beginning he would buy hundreds of bugs just because he wanted to spend his coins. But now he does save up to a couple thousand at times.


  • The game is addicting, and you may find yourself wanting to collect them all, or at least one of each tribe!

  • Sometimes they are hard to find and you may be tempted to pay a lot of money buying on Ebay for the new releases (but you can control yourself, and do know that in time they will be easier to find in the stores.)

If there are any more questions, you are welcome to leave a comment here on the blog, or join in on our Funkey Fan Forum . There are lots of great Funkey Fans who can help answer quesions!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

UB Funkey Plush

Here's a picture of Akaabbey's Funkey Plush collection:

Even though they've been in the Target stores for a while, I haven't seen any yet. Although now I realize I might have been looking in the wrong place because Akaabbey found them "in the Christmas stuff...the aisle with all the little goodies, on the bottom row. "

Has anyone else seen them at Target yet?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

UB Funkeys coloring creations

The name of Liam's recent Funkey creation is "Sound"

If you're having yucky weather like we are today, it's a good day for kids to do some artwork. Liam has fun using the application Paint. Here's a link to create your own Funkey . You can either print it or copy & paste it into an application like Paint.

Here are some of Liam's creations. Since this is Liam's blog too (and I "stole it from him", as he once said to me!), I'll post some of his creations today.
Liam named this one, "X Vr"
Liam wanted me to add a note that some of these are not complete, the ones with white still showing. He asked me to label each one "complete" or "not complete", but I don't thing that is necessary! :) I think you can tell by looking!





"Berger with shoes"

"Aqua Waggs", he's a superhero!
"Samurai Lucky"

This last one is not related to UB Funkeys, but I thought it was cute & funny, so I wanted to share it!
Liam calls it "Pet Alien"
(but I think it looks like a pickle in a blue suit! hehehe)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

UB Funkey blogs to check out

Just a quick post to say hello to all the regular visitors and to say I'm still here, but busier than usual. I have some things to share so I'll try to post more soon. We did find Berger and the Funkiki Island Adventure pack. Oh, I should mention that Target is having a sale on the Funkiki Island Adventure pack coming up tomorrow (sunday) and running through the week. The sale price is for around $17. And Toys R Us is also having a sale now on the starter kits and the singles, which puts the price more in line with Target's regular prices (maybe even close to Walmarts! But I'll double check on that)

I wanted to point out some other UB Funkey blogs that you can check out when you're looking for the most updated Funkey information, especially when there are lulls in the posts here as in the past 2 weeks! The comment section of the latest posts here are very active, almost daily, so you can always check those too when you don't see anything new here.

Here are some blogs of some my regular visitors. Check them out if you can, and also vote in their polls while you're there!

Steven has posted some pictures that show evidence that there could be a Speed Racer adventure pack (see his post dated Oct. 22). You can visit his blog at

Pteprocks has all kinds of information. He has lots of Funkeys and plays often so he's always one of the first to find out new things. He also writes about Club Penguin.

(note to pteprocks - I just noticed your polls have reached their closed dates, so you can open them up if you want the new visitors to vote too! Thanks!)

FFM, who you may recognize as a regular contributor in the comments sections, has a great sense of humor and I always enjoy reading her blog! But beware, her humor includes some joking around, so don't be mislead!

Here are a few new ones: by Neonmaster by MFunk04 by thegman12 by Roco by goofystar by Xweetok