Thursday, July 30, 2009

U.B. Funkeys toys are in Wendy's kids meals now....we got one!

Just a note that the UBFunkey toys aren't at every Wendy's yet, as of August 5th. There have been several disappointed families who went there specifically for the UB Funkey toy in the kid's meals. Sorry to hear that happened to you all. Thanks for writing in and letting others know. As April said she's going to do next time (in the comment section), it's a good suggestion to call the restaurant first if you're making a special trip there & aren't sure if your local Wendy's has them yet.

We got the 3-D puzzle game as the toy in the Wendy's kids meal. We usually only go to McDonalds because Liam has food allergies and we know McD's french fries are safe for him. But we made an exception today so we could see what kind of UB Funkey toys are there. And I ate the meal (no argument from me to eat the fries! More, please!)

Liam got a bit frustrated while trying to put the game together, put he finally made it work and now he's playing the game with his dad even though he should be going to bed! I'll let you know later if he thought it was a fun game.

Thanks, Frogboy! We're working on the code right now. Thanks for reminding me! On the UB Funkeys website it gave us a download for a map pack that contained 3 maps (Funkeystown, Funkiki Island, and Daydream Oasis). Of course for most of us veteran players, the maps are not anything new, but I could see how it might entice a new player to want to buy funkeys in order to enter those zones (which I'm sure is the whole marketing idea!)
And when we entered the code from our 3-D puzzle game into the UB Funkey game, this is what we got......

This next image is Liam's crib with the addition of the light green woodland creature

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic Con 2009 in San Diego starts today

Comic Con 2009 starts today and runs through Sunday. Oh, how I wish to be there! Not only might we get a chance to see some new UB Funkey prototypes, but there are also going to be Twilight-related things going on as well. I hate to fly, but I tell you this - I did not hesitate about thinking of getting on a plane if it was possible that I could go! But it was sold out.

Last year at the Comic Con is when we started seeing pictures of the Hidden Realm Funkeys (note: I just edited this, so if you read the post earlier, I had this part wrong) popping up on the internet. So, I'll be watching out to see what comes out of it this year! Also last year's convention is where Dot was available, so I'm curious to see if anything cool is there this year.


Okay, so I just did some quick hopping around on the 'net to see if anything came out of Comic Con yet and someone did take pictures already. Nothing new. That's a bit disappointing. But I am impressed how pictures are up already. I thought it started today? It's 11:30 am on the east coast right now, so it's only 8:30 am in California. How'd they do that?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great deals on UB Funkey Starter Kits

Most of you already have the starter hub, but if you need the Dream State funkeys, you can get some of them through for only $9.00 for this set of 4 with a hub! Wow! This could be a good gift for someone if you want to get your friends into them as well (so you can trade off Funkeys later!)

This caught my attention so I thought I'd share this information. I always love a good deal.

Warning to those with UB Funkeys Blogs

I just want to warn those of you who write UB Funkey blogs. Watch out for a nasty person who leaves nasty messages. They might try to use someone else's please beware and don't assume they are who they say they are unless you can verify it through a blogger account.
If you want more information on this, you can email me so I don't have to put all this out publicly. I've been tracking their IP address, location, etc.

And to the person who likes to leave those nasty comments:

** This next part is directed only to one person. You know who you are. **

You are not as anonymous as you think you are. I will be reporting you. So you can cut it out now and stop wasting your time. I won't be allowing any of your comments through until you have something decent to say anyway. I actually don't even read your comments anymore as soon as I see the first curse word.

However, I would love to get a private email from you explaining:

1) Why do you visit UB Funkey web sites if you dislike them as strongly as you do? I can't figure out that one. I know you always come through the link from, so what's up with that?

2) What exactly is it that you would like to accomplish through your comments? If it's a blog post for you, then here it is!

3) Are you really so unhappy that you need to put other people down? I just don't get it. Perhaps you should read "A New Earth" by Eckerd Tolley and you'll have a better understanding of why you feel that need. You are only human! But you can control that urge.

If you feel the need to send yet another comment (perhaps expressing your anger to this) if you read this, then try to use some proper language without the profanity, please. Show some intelligence and branch out in your vocabulary. You'll be glad you did. You'll look back at your actions when you are older and you'll be embarrassed about your behavior. Or at least I hope you grow into an adult who doesn't behave the way you currently behave on-line. Remember there are real people on the receiving end of all your actions, and I haven't done anything to you. If this blog bugs you so much, there's quite a simple solution. Do I need to spell it out? D-O N-O-T C-L-I-C-K T-H-E L-I-N-K

UB Funkeys coming soon in Wendy's kids meals

Daffyjeeps sent me an email with link last night about this. Superbryan left a comment this morning, so when I saw those 2 messages this morning after checking email, I thought this was something you all might like to know about!

Interesting. Here's a picture of the website, and a link if you want to go check it out: The UB Funkey toys are under "coming soon". I haven't heard of the date when this becomes effective, but I'm sure someone will let me know (I hope!) if they find out before I do, and I'll post it.

Looks like there is a bobblehead, a backpack clip, a 3D Board Game, and a couple of CD's with a game.

Monday, July 6, 2009

UB Funkey Fans are all around the world!

I am just amazed how far-reaching a blog can be on the internet. I shouldn't be amazed, but I still am! The image below might be too small to see, but it shows some of the recent visitors to my blog. It's a screen capture of my sitemeter for the blog. This shows you how there are UB Funkey fans all over the world. Not all of them have access to buying UB Funkeys (from what I hear), but maybe they are mostly curious because many of the visitors from other countries find my blog through searching google images.

Some of the visitor locations listed below are Italy, Croatia, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Norway, Australia, UK, Belgium. That's just amazing to me! Very cool. And that's just one page, that spans approximately through an hour. I hope they all like what they saw!
Oh, if you can see the first one listed, it's East Aurora, NY. It's someone from Mattel, which always makes me nervous when I see them come! I really do hope they like what they saw and that I'm not doing anything disagreeable!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This is for the Twilight Fans

This is a diversion from UB Funkeys for a minute here. But since there are probably quite a few of you who might be into the Twilight Saga, I thought I'd share a few interesting things I found.

[If you will be totally bored by reading this post, you can stop now and go check out Pteprock's blog where he posted pictures of inside Rastro's game room including items from the mart. Be warned that this could be a SPOILER. Even if you want to read this post, you can still check out his blog after you read this!!!!)

I recently became a fan of the Twilight Saga when I was going through the Lyme Disease stuff. That's why I wasn't updating this blog much at all during May & part of June, because I felt so miserable & exhausted. Funny thing is, after spending so much time for at least a month researching everything I could about Lyme Disease, I needed a diversion and something to take my mind off it. That's when I discovered Twilight. The funny part is that I felt transformed after my tick bite.....but unlike a vampire's bite turning someone into a vampire, my blood sucker only turned me into a Lymie. OK, not so funny to have Lyme Disease, but it was coincidental that there was somewhat of a parallel with my 2 obsessions.

It all started after I watched the movie on DVD, then I became curious about how different it was from the book. I was also curious about the books because almost everyone I know (including many moms, believe it or not!) was so hooked on the story. They would all say it was easy to read and they would go through them so fast & couldn't put it down so they were up late at night reading. I tried to avoid falling into that routine as long as possible, but I finally read Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1) (by Stephenie Meyer), then New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2) , and now I'm on Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3).
I am so fascinated how the screen writers and director can bring a book to life, although it's disappointing how they leave a lot of things and turn things around a bit in the story.

Even though I'm into the story now and read a little bit everyday because I do want to find out what happens next, I do find it funny how people can be fanatics about the movie, books, and actors. It's just crazy how it's turned into a franchise and so many things have spurned out from it. There are lunch boxes, director's notebook, life size cut outs of Edward Cullen & Bella Swan, and even dolls! Check it out.........

Twilight Action Figures: Edward and Bella 2-Pack

Now this would be a great surprise for someone who is a really big fan of Edward Cullen or the actor who plays him (Rob Pattinson)!

I'll admit, if I was much younger & still in school where I needed a lunch box, I probably would be asking my parents for one of these! I also saw one with more cast on it and one with Edward & Bella, but they were up around $ 89 and $ 99. Yikes!

Okay, there is a possibility I might order a bookmark if I was already placing an order for other things!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Peak Inside the Paradox Green Portal


We finally got the download to work thanks to the great support person at Mattel. With the help of a portal jammer (thanks, frogboy, for the idea!), we explored inside the Paradox Green portal and here are some sneak-peak images.