Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UB Funkey Server is Officially Gone!

Newsflash: You can play UB Funkeys again! http://ubfunkeysarefun.blogspot.com/2011/04/its-true-ub-funkeys-are-back-up-and.html

That's right, it's official. Can I tell you how disappointed I am in Mattel for leading us on for the past month, letting us believe that they were fixing a problem? And then when I called just now for an update since I have heard from so many people asking about it, only to find out that it is officially done/gone/disfunctional/nada/run it's course/over....
When I expressed my disappointment to the Mattel Customer Service Rep. in the way this was handled, after he said it's been gone for a month, he said they only got the notice this morning at 9am.

You can still play the game on your computer, you just won't be able to anything in Angus's lab, or chat with other Funkeys, save data to the server (it should save to your hard drive, though), or play multiplayer games.

Are you still having problems with UB Funkeys?

If you are still having problems, I encourage you to post a comment about it or write something on the Funkey Fan Forum. I will call Mattel's customer service today, but meanwhile, let's hear from you! The last time I called, I saw that Mattel visited this blog and the forum. Perhaps they were looking for more detail about the problems to help them fix it. Or maybe they wanted to get an idea of how many people are affected by the problem.

Some of the problems I've hear about & experienced myself are: Not able to chat with other players, can't get to Angus's lab, unable to create or sign in with Unique Funkey Name, the server isn't saving data.
What are the problems you're having?

Friday, February 4, 2011

1994: "What is the Internet, Anyway?"

This is just for fun, and I know the readers of this blog like fun! Back in 1994, which really wasn't all that long ago, the internet wasn't as big as it is today. Katie Couric & Bryant Gumbel had a discussion about it on the Today Show. It's funny to look back now and see what they said....