Monday, April 13, 2009

UB Funkey Taejo sold for $800 on eBay

The bidding has ended on eBay, and unbelievably, it sold for $800! I hope we get to find out who owns it now. I can actually say this time, unlike with the $360 Dot, that I do understand how a serious collector would pay that much for Taejo. From what I hear, it will be the only one out there. I considered bidding on it, maybe up to $200, but we now know that wouldn't have gotten me far on that auction!

What do you all think? Do you wish it was you who owned Taejo?
[Frogboy is right, that's a "duh" question for anyone reading this blog! How about this ~ how much do you want? How high in the bidding would you go (even if you had the extra money)?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

U.B. Funkey Taejo on eBay! Wow!

Do you all think the same person who bought the one (picture below) on eBay turned around and listed it by itself? LOL

Have there been more than 2 on eBay so far that I missed?

Thanks, Pteprocks, for your comment on the last post about this. I went straight to eBay to check it out!

(and thanks to the others prior....for those who left comments, not sure if you were referring to this one, or the last one on eBay from the picture below)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Liam's latest UB Funkey Crib

"The Dragon Dance Party Room"

We got into Taejo's place, Togokahn Motors, with a portal jammer and Liam went shopping at Taejo's Vault, as you can see by the looks of his crib! You could call that a shopping spree! His coins started at over 5,000 and now he's down to 392. He realized I probably wouldn't say "yes" to buying another portal jammer to go back so he got everything in the one shopping spree!

If you want to visit his crib on the tram at Grand Funkey Station, the crib name is "Crabot"

To my surprise, it took a second portal jammer in order to gain access to the game, Taejo's Casa Christo 5000. The good news is we had some free loot that Mattel compensated to the UB Funkeys after the December server problems.

Our advice would be that it's not worth spending real money on a portal jammer to play Taejo's race because it's the same race track as Snake Oiler's.