Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nibble's game - Pearl Diver

We don't have this one yet, but someone wrote a great description of how the game is played & what it is about in the comment section, so check it out!
The Pearl Diver trophy was won with a score of 26,079
{thank you to "wisteriatayu" for contributing this high score}

Webley's game - Fly Catcher

Webley's game is about filling the square with webs to catch flies. Each round gets harder with a higher percentage of area to cover with webs. If you get round green webley face, it makes you go faster for a little while. The round red fly will freeze all the flies momentarily so you can web them in before they get you.

We won a trophy for a score of 5,434. And an "insane" high score of 7,381 got us a spider monkey for our crib.

We got a web shooter for some "very rad web moves" that were "fly"
The Funkiki Island portal is yellow and the location is shown on the map below in the lower right corner. There is a red diamond on the map marking the location of the Funkiki Island portal.

Funkey Bio:

Don't let their hairy scary appearance lead you astray, the Webley are a highly intelligent and creative tribe of legendary inventors and explorers. In fact, the Webley have patents and trade marks on more inventions and have discovered more lands than anyone else in Terrapinia. Most famous of them is the World Wide Web, invented by one particularly hairy scary Webley called Ali Gory. Ali was known for his wildly wicked and way out stories and tales. Hi World Wide Web, spun entirely by his mind, is the cornerstone of all Funkeys communication. Many of today's technologies spun out from Ali's Web creation including Web phones, Web travel, Web mail and Web voting (a particular favorite of Ali's). But soon after the creation of Web advertising, the Webley started to become disillusioned with the high tech, fast paced, hustle and bustle of FunkeysTown. They sent their great explorer, Captain Brock Loosetoe, to find a remote island where the Webley could relocate, away from all technology. When he discovered Funkiki Island and its native inhabitants, he knew it was the place. On Funkiki Island, the Webley have become outdoorsy. Using their webs as ropes, sails, and various other tools, the Webley now live a subsistent existence in an outpost deep in the jungles of Funkiki Island. They only use natural fibers, spun by themselves, catch all their own food and have become the vocal caretakers of the planet. In order to raise funds for their cause, they conduct jungle tours, catering to only the most courageous Funkey travelers.

Sol's game - Sunshine Links

Sol's game is a game of mini-golf on the beach. There are 18 holes. If you don't get the ball in after 10 tries, you're moved along to the next hole because "there are other Funkeys waiting to play"

A high score that earned a trophy was 126, which was also 54 shots to get through the 18 holes.
{thank you to "wisteriatayu" for contributing the high scores}

U.B. Funkey, U.B Funkeys, ub funkies, Funkiki Island, Sol's game

Flurry's game - The Hectic Half-Pipe

Flurry's game is about doing snow board tricks for the "judges".

A high score that earned a trophy was 12,131 and a high score of 20,553 won a pygmy yeti (aka a spider monkey).

{thank you to "wisteriatayu" for contributing the high scores}

"Reese" posted some good info. on this game in the comment section of an earlier post:

Monday, January 28, 2008

O Shard, Shard! Wherefore art thou Shard? (u.b. funkeys)

Let's talk about shards, shall we? After emailing with Karl yesterday (please see previous post), something he said had me thinking that we might need to buy every Funkey to complete a step in the game. That step being to complete a gemstone in a zone & getting rid of the henchmen. Karl noticed that there are 4 shards for each zone that have 4 Funkeys, and 2 shards for Funkeystown that have 2 Funkeys with their special access there. That sure is sounding like one shard for each Funkey game! Neither of us have noticed a pattern yet for getting the shards. It appears to be random to me because we've played 5 games in a row (2 different games) and got a shard. But then other times we've played more & did not get any. I haven't been tracking if the shards were earned for different games, but I'll start doing that. If anyone has the answer to this, we'd love to hear it! {please see comment below this post for more good info.}

I'm a frugal person, so I didn't want to buy ALL of the Funkeys for each zone in order to get a full shard. However, for Funkiki Island, from what I know so far, you will need all 4 Funkeys in order to get the Pineapple King what he wants. I just realized, there are no henchmen on Funkiki Island, so there might not be shards to earn there. Hmmmm, does anyone know that one? But the Pineapple King wants a golden pineapple and you need a gem to get into the coconut store (I think all that is correct) maybe we will get shards for that gem.

On the topic of not buying every Funkey, here's a tip offered by a poster below (posted in the comment section under Some Funkey Facts)........."My daughter and I discovered that once you are in a store that you can switch from the character that can enter the store to any other funkey. The advantage of this is that you can access the rare and very rare items without having a rare or very rare of every single funkey."
[update 4/08: This glitch has been fixed with the 2.6 update. Click here to read about it]

That's cool, very cool. Was that you, wisteriatayu, that posted that comment as well as the others? Thanks for all the great info.

Liam is giving me a rare green Vroom for my birthday this week, so I'll get to try that out! So I should be able to use my one rare Funkey and do the switcheroo all over & get to see the rare items. Can't wait!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Funkey Fever is spreading all over the world!

Or at least in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand! Does anyone think UB Funkeys will become as big as Webkinz? This blog is getting hits from all over and the Funkeys appear to be flying off the shelves. However, none of my friends and neighbors here in Northern Va. (outside of DC) have heard of them yet. I think it's just a matter of time!

Thanks to Karl in New Zealand, I have one of my questions answered about the hidden alligator, and I have learned of a new code that will give you 5 new wall hangings and 75 coins. I feel bad hyping about Funkiki Island when he can't get it yet over there (sorry!), it seems almost cruel!

Karl has been compiling a list of Funkey data as well on his website:

The Hidden Alligator
After you buy a smelly pet bed, take it out of your stuff and put it in your crib. Then you go to the sewer grate on the far side of Funkeystown and click on the sewer grate to toss in a coin to make a wish!

(note: this is another case when not finding what you are looking for at the mart, "Funkey's Best Friend" for the smelly pet bed, step out and right back in again to see a different selection)

New Code


This came from the Pink hub starter kit from the store Limited TOO, and when you enter the code in "Options" at the main menu, you get 5 new wall hangings and 75 coins. You can do that for each of your logins.
Click here for a full list of the cheat codes.

BUT the big question still remains............WHAT IS THE RED BUTTON FOR IN LAPUTA STATION?

Does anyone know the answer to this?
Right now it appears that we'll need to finish the game before we'll find the answer!
Post your guess on the Funkey Fan Forum

Friday, January 25, 2008

For the love of the Funkey

We added Sol to our collection yesterday and the game is a big hit! It's mini-golf on the beach. I only played it twice and haven't won anything yet. I believe the item this game will win is the glowing mask to get through the cave, but I'll report that when I find out. Looks like we need to update our "Funkey Family Photo" that we have posted over to the right!

We got our shipment of Funkeys from the distributor, and some are already up on Ebay. It's for the love of the Funkey that we decided to start a store, not the other way around! I just don't want this blog to turn into an advertisement, so I had to add that! However, if you are looking for some rare Funkeys, we have some up on Ebay right now. If anyone is looking for any particular one, you are welcome to email us.

You can view our items on Ebay over in the right column.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Facts and tips

* If you don't see what you wanted to buy in one of the virtual Funkey marts, just leave the mart and come immediately right back in. There is usually a different selection, sometimes an item is added. Most of the time there will be more color selections.
I also heard that the rare Funkeys have different items to choose when they go to a mart, but I haven't confirmed that myself.

*When you are walking around Magma Gorge, click on the white things sticking up from the ground. Similarly, in Laputa Station, click on the junk.

* Get 50 extra coins by entering this code: iluvfunkeys345
Enter it under "options" on the same screen where you choose "login". The code comes from the UBFunkeys website under "Downloads/codes & tips"

These were just some random things that I wanted to add to my previous posts.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things you can earn from high scores in U.B. Funkeys

Here are some things you can win for high scores, and the scores that earned them:

Kelpy Station:

Twinx Dream -
A score of 13,680 earned us rainbow wallpaper and we can access the game from our “game room”.

A score of 17,069 got us the Twinx Dream Trophy (and the above when not already won).

Sprout's Blossom Boogie -
A score of 2,970 earned a rare orchid and access from our game room.

A score of 3,750 earned a trophy (and the above if not already won).

Funkeystown -

A score of 11,995 earned a trophy and access to the game from our game room.

A score of 13,206 was an "insane high score" and won a vintage arcade machine.

Funkiki Island:

Webley's Fly Catcher
A score of 5,434 won a trophy and access from the game room.

An "insane" high score of 7,381 in round 7 won The Spider Monkey (he's so cute!) and 120 coins.

Some "totally rad web moves" that were "very fly" won a web shooter.

If you have scores and things you've earned that you'd like to add to our list, please leave a comment, send an email, and/or visit The Funkey Fan Forum and leave a post. Thanks!

Monday, January 21, 2008

More greetings from Funkiki Island

It's almost like a whole new game after the new portal for Funkiki Island was loaded. The first thing that happened was the kooties are making our Funkies dirty, but that's their way of showing affection. So I guess it's all good! First it was a bit annoying, now it's cute. There are washing stations all over Terrapinia now, so that's one of the major things making it different. It can take 5 washes to get all clean. First the mud comes off, then the flies, then the "smell", then the dusty dirt flying around (like "pigpen" of the Peanuts), then the dirty footprints.

There are no henchmen on Funkiki Island, but instead you have natives coming to take your coins or leave a coconut. I like this better. You at least have a better chance to keep the native from taking your coins. You have 3 tries to click on a spear that rotates around.

The maps have improved with the updates. I am not sure if this might have been an earlier update & we just weren't getting them due to our Vista problem, or maybe it is an update that came with the Funkiki Island updates. The map now clearly marks the location of the games, portals, washing stations, and stores.

Another cool thing is that each of the 4 Funkeys on Funkiki Island (Sol, Webley, Flurry and Nibble) can win something that will help them go somewhere they can't go now (like cross over the broken bridges, go over the lava, or piranha, or through the cave)

Everytime you pass a coconut tree, shake it to collect coconuts. You'll need them later in the game to use at the coconut store. First you'll need to get all 4 orbs (you'll get one for each special item you win from each game). If you want to know more after this, check out UB Funkey Facts or Funkey Fan Forum.

I've posted another postcard above that is one of the 4 you can send from the game, but your recipient won't know who sent it. You might want to follow it up with an email from yourself so they know it's okay to open!

If anyone would like us to send you a postcard from the game, you can send us an email at

[Here's an unofficial tip if you are running Windows Vista, or having an error loading the first time, you might want to back up your game file before you run the updates if you can.]

I earned "Great Mom" points!

Here are a couple things the parents might appreciate.........

While I was playing Webley's game the other night, Liam said to me, "you're a great mom because you like to play Funkeys as much as I do!" Well, then, I guess it was worth all the time spent playing the games with him (and after he goes to bed sometimes!)

One we were driving in the car last week, before we had any of the Funkiki Island Funkeys, Liam asked, "Mom, what's a soul?" It was out of the blue, so I had to think a minute if he was asking me the harder question about an inner soul, or maybe a sole of a shoe? I wasn't sure what he would have heard recently to prompt the question, so I asked a few questions before answering. It turns out he was asking about SOL, the Funkey.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greetings From U.B. Funkey's Funkiki Island

Funkiki Island is up and running. We had some minor set backs during the process of updating, but the Radica support folks think it's because we're running Windows Vista as our Operating System. We changed some of our security settings, but I'm not sure that's what let the update go through. All is well and working now, and it was worth waiting a day. The Funkeys for Funkiki Island aren't even supposed to be released yet anyway, so we can give the Radica/Mattel folks a break if any of it was due to the not-quite-ready updates!
Funkiki Island has been very fun. Liam has been playing on it whenever he has a spare moment all day yesterday and today. Today we added Flurry, but it's game wasn't easy to figure out on the first try, so we lost interest and went back to Webley's game. I won a trophy for Liam's game room with a score of 5,434. That was complete luck since it was the first time I played it & didn't know what I was doing! The next two times I played, I got very low scores and earned ZERO coins. Also won a web shooter with a score of 3,830, but I think it was the moves that won it. The game said my moves were "fly" (the game is about trapping flies). The web shooter is very cool, it allows you to get through dead-ends by covering it with webs so your Funkey can cross. Liam was able to fill in 2 breaks in the broken bridge and cross over.
I have more to comment on about these new updates, some are puzzling, some are very interesting. But I'll add more tomorrow.....kooties, washing stations, natives, coconuts, and map features are some.
(update - Liam went back to Flurry's game & figured it out all by himself, and he just only turned 6!)
Links to more about Funkiki Island:

U.B. Funkeys, UB Funkey, Funkiki, UB Funkey Flurry

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some U.B. Funkey Facts

I thought I'd list a few quick answers to the questions so many people are asking...........

What is a U.B. Funkey?

U.B. is the hub, and the fun-loving creatures that link up to it are the Funkeys. It is a virtual world (similar to the Webkinz idea) where the Funkeys explore and play mini-games in different zones. They win coins for playing the games, and trophys and other items for high scores. The coins are used for purchasing items to decorate their "cribs". Can more than one user share the U.B. hub? Yes, we know that at least 5 players can create login names, although only one player at time can play.

How do I avoid the henchmen?
A hoodwink will protect your coins from the henchmen. But if you don't have a hoodwink, if you have alot of coins and really need to avoid him, you can quit the game real quick! Or exit to your crib. However, sometimes he's still out there waiting. But I did find one time after I waited a while & came back, the coast was clear. If he does get you, click on the button as fast as you can and you won't loose as many coins. However, if your coins are on the low end, the button pushing doesn't seem to make a difference.

How I do get a hoodwink?
As your Funkey is exploring in one of the zones, you will come across a small spark-looking object. It starts as little bubbles coming out of the ground and then turns to a sparkle. Click on it and you will have a hoodwink.

Which Funkeys are Rare and Very Rare?
There is a book in the Terrapinia library located in Funkeystown that lists all the Funkeys. After you select one, you'll see them pictured in order of normal, rare, and very rare.

Which Funkeys unlock each of the zones?

Magma Gorge: Wasabi, Stitch, Deuce, and Bones

Laputa Station: Vroom, Boggle, Xener, and Fallout

Kelpy Basin: Glub, Sprout, Tiki, and Twinx

Funkiki Island: Nibble, Flurry, Webley, and Sol

Funkeystown mini-games& mart: Lotus and Scratch

UPDATE on 3/22/08: You can find more on the Rare Funkeys on my other blog . And the glitch that is posted in the comment section is now fixed, so unfortunately that trick doesn't work for us anymore.

There's trouble in Funkeystown!

According to the Radica/Mattel support person I spoke to today, Target released the next generation (or Series 2) Funkies earlier than they were supposed to, before the updates were complete. She was right on, that we got our Funkiki Island Funkey at Target. She walked me through a few things to check like the firewall and administrator settings so that we could try to get the update to work. No luck, so she's passing the information to the engineers. It might not be until Tues., though, that they will get back to me. I wonder, has anyone had any success with any of the Funkiki Island Funkeys?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There are now over 50 different Funkeys!

Oh, my. Why do I have a horrible feeling that Liam will want to collect all 50?

Well, we did buy another one tonight. It's our first Funkey to take us to Funkiki Island. There was a $3 off coupon in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago, so it was a great price. And like the Thomas trains that we collected when Liam was 2 - 4 years old, I like them too, so I'm a push-over mom sometimes. So we have added Webley to our collection tonight. But it was very disappointing that we couldn't get it to work. Usually we play without the internet connection, but we had to connect so new files could load from the UB Funkey site in order to add the new portal. After waiting for more than 20 minutes to see if there was "anything new in Terrapinia", and to download from the server, we got an error message that said to call technical support. Since the Radica/Mattel customer support line closed at 7pm, we'll have to wait until the morning to get this one resolved. Liam was very disappointed.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting Started

To get started playing the U.B. Funkeys game, you’ll need to buy the starter set which includes the hub (U.B.), 2 Funkeys, and the program software. The starter hub can be shared by multiple players. We’re up to 4 now as Liam has his Mom, Dad, and Grammy set up with cribs. You can share all the Funkeys, and each player can still be separate with their own coins saved and separate crib with their own game rooms and trophy rooms. Of course not every kid will want to share these cute little collectible creatures.

Each player starts out with 100 coins and some basic things to get the crib decorating started. The fun part is uniquely decorating your crib and sharing it with your friends. Even though there isn’t any other interaction with others through the game on the internet, you can upload your crib and give your friends your name so they can pull it up.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Rare and Very Rare Funkeys

There are "rare" and "very rare" versions of the Funkeys that we have not seen in any retail store. We have found them through though. These just have different colors than the regular ones, but they do earn more coins when they play the games. Since Funkeys are generally hard to find and we love them so much, we decided to find a distributor and start selling them ourselves soon. We plan to set up a store on ebay and through Amazon, so stay tuned for that new venture. But until then, you can find some of the rare ones here: UB Funkeys "Sprout" - Very Rare (White). Sprout is one of my favorites. Flurry Rare Green UB Funkeys Funkiki Island by Radica. We don't have Flurry yet, but that will be our next one because we can't wait to have the Fun "key" to unlock Funkiki Island. We haven't been there yet!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shards, Henchmen, and Hoodwinks, Oh My!

I earned another shard of a gemstone last night. Still not sure if that’s random. It doesn’t seem to come after a high score, but most likely after playing the games for many times in a row. We haven’t been keeping track if we’ve earned them from playing different games. After you win four of the same color, it completes the gemstone. Then the henchmen will disappear from the zone where you earned the different pieces. For example, in Kelpy Basin, the shards are blue. Once the blue gemstone is complete, then the henchmen disappear from Kelpy Basin.

[update on 4/08: For more about the shards, please click here to read about it]

When your Funkey is walking around Funkeystown, watch out for those henchmen who will come and steal your coins! But if you have a hoodwink, that will stop the henchmen from stealing your coins and they’ll take the hoodwink instead. You can get a hoodwink when you find a sparkle anywhere in Funkeystown or another zone when you’re walking around. If you see a small bubble like thing that turns into a sparkle, just click on it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

U.B. Funkeys are fun loving creatures

My 6 year old son, Liam, wanted to write a blog when he can read and write better. But I said, "why not now, and I'll help". He picked the topic, and it's a good one because he knows much about it. He received 2 Funkeys and a hub for his birthday less than a month ago. He has unlocked secrets and figured out so much that we didn't find in any instructions or on the UB Funkey website, so it's a good topic to share!

U.B. Funkeys is a game for your computer. It is a virtual world where you play games to earn coins that you can spend on items to decorate your crib. You also earn trophys for high scores, and other fun items for "insanely high scores" that you can place in your crib. You need to buy the starter hub that comes with 2 Funkeys, but then you can buy the individual Funkeys. Each one unlocks a new game and store, and sometimes a new portal to travel to a new zone.

We now have 7 Funkeys and the hub. Our collection consists of Deuce, Lotus, Sprout, Scratch, Twinx, Xener, Boggle, and U.B. the hub. It has been great fun for both me & my son. I have to admit that even as a 40-something year old mom, I am a bit addicted to playing some of the games and I have a cool crib too! I have about 3 trophys in my "trophy room", and Liam has 5. We both have 6 games so far in our "game rooms". We have both collected a few shards of gemstones. Liam has stumbled upon "hoodwinks". We found a code on the website to unlock more coins, but we still haven't figured out how to unlock the hidden alligator. Under "codes & tips" on the website it says to buy a smelly pet bed. Well, we did, and still not sure. When we figure it out, we'll share that.
{update: we found the answer and posted it here}