Monday, June 16, 2008

UB Funkey Checklist from

Our friend, Karl, of KIWIreviews has shared a UB Funkey checklist with us. I know you all will like this. The checklist includes the Speed Racer series and the Dream State series.

[Edit on 1/16/11: As I see this post still has many visitors years later, I should add that it is not complete. The Funkeys not included here are: Hidden Realm and Paradox Green. For more information on those, please search my blog. There's a google search box in the upper right sidebar]

You can download the PDF file from his website:

After you click on the link, scroll down to the UB Funkey section & you'll see where you can click to download.
He has a note on his website that the PDF is designed to be printed in color at A4 size.

Thanks Karl!

Blog edit on June 22, 2008: Karl has updated his checklist to include all variations of the Speed Racer Funkey series. I have replaced the image to reflect those changes. However, you will see the comments below that were posted prior to these changes. The latest & greatest version is available for download from his website (see above)

just a note: this is the most complete list of UB Funkeys that I've seen anywhere. (**please see the note about Dream State below).

This is an excellent reference for anyone who wants to see the different versions as well. They are listed in order of common (or normal), Rare, and Very Rare.

**Of the Dream State series that is pictured, we have not seen any of them on the market yet (as of June 17 '08) except the common Drift which comes as part of the Dream State starter kit. We are on the look out for the others to be released and this blog will report that once the word is out. We expect the first wave to include Vlurp, Drift, Ptep, and Waggs.


Anonymous said...

That list is totally not complete. Why are there 3 Racer X and not 3 of the other SPeed Racer funkeys?

Karl said...

Gidday 'anonymous'...

The answer is simple... those images are taken straight out of the game itself. Yup... from THE GAME.

The game recognises that there is a common, a Rare and a Very Rare 'RacerX' but it doesn't recognise any other rarities of the other characters.

There are two 'variants' of "Speed Racer" though:
- sracer
- sracerGP
and the version in the starter packs is the GP version (With his goggles up on his forehead). Don't ask me what the in-game difference is... I don't know, since I don't have any of the 'plain' Speed Racers to compare against.

That checklist is as complete as the game itself allows for... if there are more, I am more than happy to hear from people. However, as I said, those figures are taken from within the game's own artwork files.

-hehehe- At least there's discussion!

Cheers to one and all for the attention, and thanks heaps to those who dropped me an email 'thanks' after downloading the file. The courtesy was much appreciated!


Karl said...

Sorry, I also meant to note that for the Speed Racer figures, the rarity of the Racer X character is actually printed on the front of the pack, since there are no VISIBLE differences between characters. I haven't seen ANY "rare" or "Very rare" printed on any other character packs... so I actually couldn't say there ARE any R/VR variants of those characters anyway!

I *will* be checking with my contacts at Mattel about this, and will try to post an update as soon as I have official confirmation either way.


Anonymous said...

It says that it has corrupt font or something and it will not let me open it! Do you know the reason for this?

Karl said...

To (yet another) Anonymous... Not sure why it says that sorry. All the fonts are standard... Arial and Dingbats... default installs on all Windows platforms since Noah thought about inventing waterwings. Just in case, I have redesigned it to address the following issues:
1 - Updated the 'Speed racer' characters**
2 - Resaved it as a fully-rasterised file, no embedded fonts at all.
3 - Added some colour-coding to help make it more eye-catching and easier to distinguish between sets.

** It seems there *are* variants of all of the 'Speed Racer' characters, however the differences are so small (basically just facial expressions) that they decided not to make seperate artwork for them in-game. My apologies to those who were outraged at my impudence... so here it is, all revamped just for you. -wink- ;)

Now, off you go and download v3.1 of the checklist, there's a good little Funkeyphile. -grin- :D

Kewl said...

Why isn't Bandit on the list? He should be!

Robyn said...

Bandit isn't part of the next release. I know it seems he should be on there since Dot is on there. But Dot isn't part of the Dream State either (as far as I've heard!), but the image must already be in the game files since Karl used those to create the list.
That is a curious one!

Anonymous said...

i have the complete original funkeys set,the funey island set also the speed racer set speed racer has three of each caracater normal rare and very rare the only way to tell them is the clothes are reg, sparkle,and on the very rare it is the facial expression they could not change speed racer in any other way because of the exclusive rights to the toy it self there is a second group of speed racer coming in tyhe fall at which time there will be a total of sisx speed racers three chimchims and the orental dude then to. night mare rift has vlurp,ptep,wags,drift,gabby,holler,lol,rewind they talk now to and will have chat rooms and on line chalenges as well welcome to matells endless game

Anonymous said...

Just curious if anyone has thought to include a list of whick funkeys open which portals. My kids bought several funkeys that are supposed to be dream state funkeys, yet none of them enter the dream oasis or nightmare portals. Which funkeys can get in where?

Anonymous said...

I am trying to compile a list for my son of the characters he has, and I have found all of them but 1. He basically looks like a version of the Pineapple King, only with a tiki shield, and a spear. Can anyone tell me the name of this character? he's obviously part of the funkiki island