Tuesday, December 9, 2008

UB Funkeys Hidden Realm...It's Time!

******Warning! Spoiler Images From the Hidden Realm Update 4.0 (below) **********

It's time....The 4.0 update for Hidden Realm is here! And time for the Hidden Realm Funkey Hunt to begin in the stores.

I've heard hints that the Hidden Realm Funkeys will start showing up in the stores beginning this week and we'd also see the update in the next week or so, but an anonymous reader just posted that they got the update and here's what they wrote, "i had the update for version 4 10 minutes ago hidden realm is so coool and theres this guy his name is kane hes like a super tough warrior"

So I went and got the update too! It took about 6 minutes with high speed internet.

Here comes the spoiler part.....these are the images for the games:

Jade Jumble:

Sushi Showdown (a multiplayer game like Chinese Checkers):

Funkey Fighters:


Here are a few more images from the game:

If you haven't seen my latest post with images of Hidden Realm (how to get there), click here

For more images of the Hidden Realm Funkeys that were at the SD Comic Conference, please see this post


Choji43 said...

When I came back from Hidden Realm My white gem was gone instead there was a haf orange half purple gem

Onewa80 said...

How id you play funkey fighters, and what is going on in the last pic?


Anonymous said...

on that last photo does anyone know what those things around the funkeys are by anonymous

sammy said...

haw did you get pic 5 and the last one

lilaq said...

the last one is simple. its there inner funkey. its like there really cute mini versions like there own pets

sammy(sorrey im not sind in) said...

haw do you get them

mfunk04 said...

I know the pics r from funkey fever but how do you play funkey fighters and can you win a trophy now??

Robyn said...

The images are NOT from Funkey Fever. I thought mine were up first anyway, but maybe not? I'll email you later, MFunk04, about that. And Sammy, I don't know if I have your email so that I can answer your question. If I don't, please send me an email so I have your address.

As for how to play Funkey Fighters, I don't know of anyone who has played yet, so I don't know the answer to that yet. I'll watch out for the answer and let you know what I find out!

Anonymous said...

i saw some of the hidden realm singles on ebay. does this mean they are out now????

sammy said...

i mhet tell you taday mabey in a feyu days

CP funkeys said...

Se the pic with the white gem from the stitch quest it looks like a key to hidden realm! And I wonder what the 3 buttons do?? And what are the pets flying around the funkeys they seem to resemble the tribe of funkey that the player is. I bet there like little things that help you and when you change funkeys they change to!!! (i wonder what the master lox one is like if i am rite??!!)

Robyn said...

Sammy - you can send your email address to me at ubfunkeysarefun@gmail.com so that you don't need to post it publicly.

pit272 said...

how i get the pet thing i want one and also how i give my white gem when it changed

Anonymous said...

for some reason i have not been able to get this update. i do have auto update set to on, so shouldn't it have popped up by now? is there any other way to get it? what if my son clicked on "no thanks"?


Robyn said...

Hi mommadyl, Are you still waiting for the update? There have been server problems since this past friday, but as long as you've logged in to the game prior to that, and were connected to the internet, you're right that it should have popped up by now.
There are some suggestions on the
Funkey Fan Forum that might help. If not, you'll need to call the Mattel helpline. Their numbers are listed on that forum as well (under technical help).
Good luck, and I hope it all works out.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I go on ub funkeys and love to play it. but when I click on angus it always says web registration and internet connection is required can you help me out?