Saturday, May 1, 2010

Help Save The Funkeys! Please sign petition

The only information I have directly from Mattel about the future of UB Funkeys is that they are no longer going to make new ones, but they will provide technical support to the current players for at least 2 more years. The last I heard, and it has been a couple of months, they were working on making the game compatible with Windows 7. But after that, they'd stop with the updates. Maybe someone has better, or more current information to add to that?

Bryan1598 posted this to the Funkeyfanforum:

As you guys heard, that Funkeys is possibly being discontinued all because of some issues Mattel is having. If you are a person who really enjoys this game and don't want it to stop, then this petition is for you! The more Signatures we get, the more likely Mattel will know that we mean serious business when it comes to Funkeys and that we don't want it to stop!
Please click on this link to sign the petition:
Save UB!