Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UB Funkey Server Problem

Just want to report that Mattel has confirmed there is trouble with the server and the engineers are working on it. I'll post again when we find out it's working again.

Thanks so much to Amy & April for posting comments here on the blog & on the Funkey Fan Forum. That helped me to have more confidence when I called them back today. Last week I was told that the server was working fine & it was my computer that had the problem. So glad we have this communication so we know it's a wider problem. You saved me the time, grief, and hassle of having to uninstall & reinstall AGAIN!

We haven't played Funkeys since last March or so just before our computer's hard drive died. We finally installed the Funkey software on our new hard drive the end of last week and we are ready to get back into it.
Once we are back on, we should share Unique Funkey Names of those who are still playing.
We have: BB2 and FunkeysRFun

Sunday, January 16, 2011

UB Funkey Coloring Page

Now that the UB Funkey website is no longer available, I thought I'd put up a copy of this coloring page that I had saved.

If you double click on the image, you can then either print it (be sure to change the size to Landscape), or you can save it in MS Paint or something similar. Have fun!

UBFunkeys.com web site no longer supported

If you haven't noticed yet, the UB Funkey's official web site is no longer supported by Mattel. That is yet another sad sign to the UB Funkey fans. The Funkeys are no longer sold in stores...although I have seen starter kits still for sale at Toys R Us and Best Buy (the last Mattel customer service rep I spoke with said they are only still sold in discount stores. Not true)

Mattel says they are still supporting the server for a while longer, perhaps another year or so is what I was told earlier this year. However, the current answer is they have no date available to give us. ** (see note below)
We've had trouble connecting with the server even though Mattel tells me that it is working. Is anyone else having trouble?

** You will still be able to play games after Mattel discontinues support to the server, but you will not be able to chat or play multiplayer games. You won't be able to download the updates, nor have your data saved on the server. I will call Mattel to verify all this & to ask if they will give us a warner. But, from what I know, as long as you continue to use Microsoft Vista or XP (or 2000, ME, 98) as your operating system, you can continue to play the game from your hard drive. Some people have found a way to make the game work on Windows 7, and perhaps if future versions of MS operating systems allow to work in XP mode, then you can continue to play in the future. (disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert of any kind, just sharing what I've learned from others & through trial and error. Please, if anyone has a correction to this, I will gladly publish an update/correction. You can either post a comment, or send an email to ubfunkeysarefun@gmail.com Thanks!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

UB Funkey Pictures by Bryan

Here are some pictures posted by Bryan12589 on the Funkey Fan Forum. I liked them so much that I just had to share them with you all!

Trying to get UB Funkeys working with Windows 7?

I hear from many UB Funkey fans that they want to play the Funkeys on Windows 7 operating system. Mattel is not going to make a patch for that, but there are some players who have figured out how to make it work.

I haven't tried to install the game yet on our new PC with Windows 7, but I found a comment written on Augiewan's blog that looks like something good to try:
[Edit written on 1/16/11: I went to the microsoft website to try this for myself and discovered that we cannot use XP mode on ours because it is the Personal version. Only Professional & Ultimate versions of Windows 7 can use the XP mode]

Download XP Mode from Microsoft and install it as per Microsoft's instructions. Once installed (3 parts) open the XP mode window
and install the UB Funkeys from the CD. Follow instructions as usual. In this mode you have to tell XP mode to attch to a USB device - in the menu bar for the program there is a header "USB" with a drop down box - select the MEGABYTE hub and click Attach....voila it will load no problem....Lee

Link to Mattel's 4.8 download: http://service.mattel.com/us/technicalproductdetail.aspx?prodno=L7288&siteid=27

Here are some other reliable sources to view:

Please see the comments on the following blog post