Sunday, March 30, 2008

UB Funkey Speed Racer First Look Inside Royalton Racing Complex

Now that we have Snake Oiler, we are inside Royalton Racing Complex!

Here are some first observations when we first went in:

* There are no henchmen, but there is a game similar to the new henchman game. When your Funkey is walking around, be careful crossing the race track. If he gets hit by a passing race car, a game pops up that you need to play in order to keep your coins. You'll use your arrow keys to hop out of the way of the race cars, or loose some coins!

*Inside Royalton Industries Building, there is a book with "driver files" that lists each of the new Speed Racer Funkeys with their bios and pictures showing the normal and Very Rare. The book is located on the top level in Royalton Labs. To get there, your Funkey needs to go inside the Royalton Industries Building which is located at the top right of the map (there's a green dot marking it on the map). Your Funkey will automatically take the escalator up. Then take the elevator to the upper floor and enter Royalton Labs.

* There is a washing station in the Royalton Racing Complex. It is located to the far left, marked by a water drop on the map. I won't say what it is or how it washes your Funkey because that will be fun for you to discover yourself!
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

We Just got our first Speed Racer Funkey!

That's right........they're here!

I was away from home most of the day today, but when I got home tonight I learned that Liam had been to Toy's R Us, bought Snake Oiler, played UB Funkeys for hours, and spent all of his 4,500 coins (that he's been saving for a long time) on cars to put in his new garage that's attached to his crib now!

I sure missed a lot today!

They found the Speed Racer Funkeys at a Toys R Us in Northern Virginia. Liam saw the hub with Speed Racer & Chim chim, and the single funkeys were Snake Oiler, normal Trixie, Very Rare Trixie, Cannonball Taylor, normal Racer X, and Very Rare Racer X.

I can't believe what I just saw on Ebay - - Very Rare Racer X has bids on it up to $26.00!!! Funny thing is, we have one sitting here from Toys R Us that Liam got for $7.99, as well as Very Rare Trixie. We're just holding off opening it yet since we can probably get one at Walmart for $4.99 in the next couple days. And there are people trying to buy one for $26 ? Incredible!

I think the Speed Racer Funkeys should hit the Walmart & Target stores as well starting March 31 or April 1st. I'll check that out soon and let you know!

edited on 3/30/08: Checked a Walmart & Target this morning in our area since Toys R Us released them early - No UB Funkey Speed Racer funkeys yet! I'll check again tomorrow.

3/31/08: Still none in the Walmarts & Targets around Northern Va., and no reports of Speed Racer Funkeys in any other Target or Walmart anywhere around the country yet. Some Walmarts are dropping them. The one near us has put out their Speed Racer action figures, just no Funkeys, although they do expect them.

4/5/08: Still nothing. I heard something about May 1st for those stores getting them. Bummer.

Friday, March 28, 2008

New UB Funkey code

The UB Funkey official website ( has posted a new code:


This code will get you a war totem and 50 coins when you enter it under "options" at the Main Menu.

Thank you, Luli, on the Funkey Fan Forum for alerting us about the new code update on the website.

Click here to see the other UB Funkey cheat codes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Speed Racer Funkeys are starting to come out now!

I've heard reports of Speed Racer Hub sets in stores, but haven't checked the stores yet myself. I'm not sure what part of the country (or which country!) have them out yet.

There are starter sets up for sale on Ebay (but please don't pay those outrageous prices unless you just have to be the first one to have it!!!). They'll be in the stores soon. You can also order them through Amazon (it will come from Target). See the image & link on this blog's sidebar for that.

We'd love to hear reports from anyone who has found the Speed Racer Funkeys in the stores yet, and especially if you have one already!
(blog edit on 3/30/08: We now have our first speed racer funkey!)
(blog edit on 4/3/08: Our collection is almost complete! )

Oh, and I'll mention that you don't need to buy the hub again if you already have one. If you have the UB Funkey game installed already, there has been an update from Mattel that should have already installed Royalton Racing Complex on your computer. Now you only need the single Speed Racer Funkeys to gain access to it.

But the new UB Funkey Speed Racer hub is cute, and if you're into collecting, there's no reason not to get it if you don't mind spending a little extra money! The way I figure it is that the new hub will come with 2 Speed Racer Funkeys, and if you're going to buy those two anyway (we'll figure a $7.99* value each, making it a $15.98 for both), then the new hub is really only going to cost you about $7 extra + any shipping costs if applicable. (That is assuming the cost of $22.99 if you order from through Target)
* $7.99 is the current price for a single Funkey at Toys R Us, which as of today is the only place that has released them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

WARNING: Back up your U.B. Funkey Files!!!!!

I am putting out this warning because I've been reading a lot lately that some Funkey Fans have lost all their game files after an Update.

Now, this doesn't happen to everyone and it doesn't happen all the time. But it did happen to me a while back. And now, most crushing, it has happened to someone who has posted helpful comments on this blog since the beginning, and on the Funkey Fan Forum. "Wisteriatayu" has been a hugely valuable contributor here. This parent & daughter team have built up so much in the game under many log ins. They have tracked data for us along the way to help us know how many times they've played to earn shards, and what scores will win the different items & trophies.
BUT after this last update, they lost everything!!! All trophies, shards, everything they had in their cribs. What a crushing blow.

So here is the warning alert in big red letters (that I wish I had posted long ago)...........


I haven't had any problems since my very first update a few months ago with Funkiki Island, but others are having problems now, so let's all play it safe so this doesn't happen to you.

I'll come back later & post the "how to" of backing up.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Rare Funkey glitch is fixed!

This is actually bad news for us that a glitch was fixed. It appears that the most recent update, version 2.6, not only gave us positive updates to the henchmen, but also fixed a glitch that had enabled us to use any Rare or Very Rare Funkey to view & purchase the rare & very rare items in ANY of the character's marts.

Here's a tip to anyone who does not yet have the version 2.6 update: If there are any Rare or Very Rare items that you want in the marts, buy them now before you let the updates go through! That only applies to those of us who were getting by with only one or just a few Rare Funkeys and using them to "swap out" once we were in another character's mart.
If you are collecting all of the Rare & Very Rare also, then no worries for you!

U.B Funkeys Cheat Codes

We might call them cheat codes, but it's the kind of cheating that is not only allowed, but encouraged in the U.B. Funkey Game! It's all in good fun.

We've listed a couple of them before, but here they go again along with some new ones, compliments of our pal Karl of Kiwi Reviews.

  • iluvfunkeys345 will give you 50 coins

  • 6786allworkandnoplay will give you 50 coins, & a Very Rare Insane Flaming Hoop

  • sproutarboretum852 will give you 75 coins, and five new wallhangings

  • funkeystownmuseum28 will give you 75 coins, and a Chocolate Lava Lamp

  • wasabipagoda992 will give you 100 coins, & box of Exploding Whizbangs

  • tikihut327 This code will get you a war totem and 50 coins (this one is a new addition on 3/28/08, after Luli from the Funkey Fan Forum alerted us that a new code was posted on the official UB Funkey's website.)

These next 5 were contributed by Hannah. Thanks, Hannah, for leaving the comment. These are good ones! (added on 4/5/08)

  • boggleden129 - Ghost Flame Toilet and 75 coins!

  • ponderingpark453 - Sonic shield generator and 75 coins!

  • falloutcompound358 - Solid Gold Panel and 75 coins!

  • kelpybasin4564 - Chocolate Seaweed and 75 coins!

  • radicarules4565 - Very Rare Diamond Treasure Chest And 500 Coins!

  • dascratchclub983 - Platinum Record and 75 coins

There's a new one (added on July 16, 2008). We believe the original source who shared this is Cuddles.

  • bogglethemind2256 - Foul smelling bone chair and 50 coins

Enter the codes at the main menu login screen under "options". Each of your login names will get the bonuses upon login. Use lowercase letters when entering the code.

If you visit Karl's website, - Click the red 'DOWNLOADS' button and select the Funkeys DataSheet. (Pure text file, virus-free. Will usually open in your browser directly.)
Click the back arrow in your browser if you want to come back to this website.

Friday, March 21, 2008

UB Funkeys Henchmen Game Version 2.6 Updates

A new update for your UB Funkey game is coming through now. The version 2.6 update installs a henchmen game when you login (and are connected to the internet).

Thanks goes to "webgopher" on the Funkey Fan Forum for alerting us to the updates. We only logged in today after reading the post.

Here's what webgopher wrote: "When I logged on last night, there was another update. When you get this update, the henchmen fight game pops up instead of the henchmen just stealing your coins. Pretty neat little addition. New funkeys are walking around Funkeystown, too."

We checked this out and think it's a great improvement. I'm sure the younger kids took it harder when the henchmen would steal all their coins. Now with this game, you won't loose many coins.

Here's how it worked for us: When the henchman came, the game popped up.

Then you click on the bags to collect as many coins as you can before the henchman pops up. When we clicked on the bags, it would pop up saying “-2”, “-1”, or "2" (some loosing coins, some gaining coins)….until ours added up to -9 coins. Then our next click was on a bag where a henchman popped up and we got the message………we lost 9 coins.

The next time we only lost 5. So not as bad as it was before this game was added!

Blog edit on 3/22/08: The 2.6 update also apparently fixed a glitch with the rare & very rare Funkeys (click on "glitch" for more on this)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

More on U.B Funkeys Speed Racer Royalton Racing

If you haven't heard yet about the breaking news of the U.B. Funkey Speed Racer Royalton Racing Raceway (try to say that 3 times real fast! lol), the updates are coming through now when you log into the game & if are connected to the internet.

Now everyone wants to know when they can buy them! The last I heard, the first 6 will be released in April around the same time as the movie. That's the news for the U.S., and for New Zealand (and most likely Australia too?), the release date sounds like May.

There were sellers on selling the new Speed Racer Starter Sets as a "pre-order", but I don't see them listed anymore. One of the Funkey Fans on the Forum posted that the company requested the sellers to take them down until Spring when they are to be released. Interesting!

UPDATE: The Speed Racer hub with 2 Funkeys is now ready for pre-order on, see the link in my blog's sidebar.
(blog edit 3/22/08)

If anyone has any new information about this, you are welcome to leave a comment, send an email, or join in on the conversation at the Funkey Fan Forum.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Thanks to NeonMaster for writing up Vroom's character profile & instructions!

In Vroom’s game, Super Vroom Ball, you start out on round 1 with 5 balls. To throw the balls, hold down left click, aim, quickly move the mouse forward,(fast or it’ll be a “Dead Ball”) and let go. Be careful on how powerful you throw it, or it’ll go out of bounds, counting as one of your 5 balls. There are three rounds. On the second round you get 7 balls, and on round 3 You get 10 balls. Tips: Practice makes perfect! Keep trying to get it in that 100 slot, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to throw it in easily! Plus, during those countless games of practicing, you could win a gem shard!

High Scores: A score of 1,220 earned a Stunt Cannon, Access to it from the Game room, a Trophy, and a Classic Pinball Machine for NeonMaster.

Zone: Laputta Station

Color of Portal and Gem Shard: Green

Length of play: An estimated 3-7 Min.

Funkey BIO:

The Vroom have an instinctive love for anything fast and dangerous. Their natural mechanical skills and enthusiasm for showing off have given them the reputation of being the most daring of all of the Funkeys. The Vroom only reinforce this reputation by constantly performing what appear to be ever increasingly dangerous feats, when in fact these stunts are carefully choreographed and practiced with safety in mind.
Most Vroom perform their stunts purely for the love of the stunt itself, and often do so before a cheering audience of their fellow Funkeys. They constructed a giant arena, called the Room de Vroom, on Laputa Station for their performances.
The Deuce work hard at being deuce, but the Vroom are just naturally cool.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Speed Racer Games On U.B. Funkeys

Looks like the first release of Speed Racer character Funkeys will be Speed Racer, Trixie, Chim Chim, Snake Oiler, Racer X, and "Cannonball" Taylor.

Here are some images of the new U.B. Funkey Speed Racer games that are coming........

Speed Racer's Grand Prix

Cannonball Grand Prix .............................

Snake Oiler's Casa Christo 5000.....

Taejo Casa Christo

Trixie's Helicoptor Rescue

Racer X Rumble

Chim-Chim's Cookie Caper

Speed Racer's Pinball

To see my other U.B. Funkey Speed Racer Posts, click one of the links below:

Breaking News! Speed Racer Raceway updates!

The updates for Speed Racer are coming through now when you log into U.B. Funkeys. Be sure you are connected to the internet. Liam explored around Funkeystown after we downloaded the updates and found 2 entrances at the top which were stone walls previously. They are located above the Museum Mask Mayhem game. You can actually go into one of the entrances, the one to the left, Royalton Racing Complex Grandstands, and wander around just a bit. It is just enough of a tease to make you want more! You can uncover just a tiny portion of the new map. Of course we cannot enter the Royalton Racing Complex Entrance yet until we get the Speed Racer Funkeys, which Liam thinks he needs now!

Looks like Mattel is getting us revved up (yes, pun intended!) for the release of the new Speed Racer Funkeys, which are scheduled for an April release........that's coming very soon!!!!

And not a moment too soon to spark the excitement. We have one of each Funkey available so far, and played them all. So now that Liam has been home sick for a couple days, he has wandered over to check out Club Penguin (doesn't compare to U.B. Funkeys in my opinion!!!) and he's been playing Lego Island. Coincidently he was on a raceway when I shouted out the news about the new Speed Racer raceway. Interest has been drawn back to U.B. Funkeys. But now we have to get our hands on the new Funkeys!

Thanks to "Timmster" for posting on the Funkey Fan Forum and alerting us that the updates were ready!

To get a glimpse of the new games, see this post: Speed Racer Games on UB Funkeys

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lotus's Game ~ HEART HOOPLA

In Lotus' game, Heart Hoopla, you need to match 3 of the same color hearts. Using the mouse, you aim to release the heart. The level ends when a heart hits the top.

Notice that you can see the next color heart that will come up next. Use that as part of your strategy. Other tips that may help are: you can bounce the heart off the side, you have 3 sticks of dynamite but you might want to save them for the end when really them. If you have a color heart you can't use right away, aim it out of the way of any 2 color groupings to keep it out of the way for now. If you are aiming for the top row, you can line up your aim by placing your cursor up & outside the range and then bring it down to line it up perfectly. Don't move your arrow between shots because you know where it's aiming, so you can use that as your point of reference when you line up your next shot.

High Scores:
A score of 38, 460 got access to game room plus a nature's heart (contributed by prolo245). 52,004 got the trophy, 75,000 got the panda pinball (contributed by sneck). The highest score reported is 14,5470 by KT
(high scores were reported on the Funkey Fan Forum. You can read about more strategys there)

Zone: Funkeystown

Color of portal and gem shard: Purple

Length of play: 10 minutes as the timer counts down

Funkey BIO:

Lotus are extremely calm & peaceful Funkeys and have an intense connection to the planet - the Great Mother Terrapin. Lotus are friends to all wildlife and have the ability to communicate with many different types of animals; some say they can even talk to trees.
With such a natural bond with the environment, it seems odd that the Lotus reside in the heart of Funkeys Town. Could this be the reason for the broken heart? Then again, maybe it is their strong bond with environment that holds all of Funkeys Town together.
Either way, the Lotus stay cool in all situations, even Master Lox and his evil henchmen don't get the Lotus too worried; their expressions never change.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


The object of this game is to catch a certain number of fish in each level before the timer counts down. The first level requires you to catch 4 white fish in 1 minute & 30 seconds. The second level gives you 1 minute & 20 seconds to catch 4 white fish and 4 red fish. The third level gives you 1 minute, 30 seconds to catch 4 white fish, 4 red fish, 2 brown fish. And so on........

Use your "left" & "right" arrow keys to move the boat across the screen. Hold down your "down" arrow key to make the fishing line go down, and release the "down" arrow key to pull the reel back in. The tricky part is that you don't have any other control over the line once it starts to come back up. At that point, you need to move the boat back & forth. You'll need to line up the boat and hook with the mouth's of the fish as they pass.

This is one U.B. Funkey game that seems the most challenging. Even players who are good at all the other games find this game hard. Although I have not mastered the game at all, I have heard that the successful strategy is to hook as many fish as you can at one time, try to hook the slowest fish at the bottom first and catch more as the reel goes up. Good Luck! And please let us know if you get a trophy!

High Scores: {We need some high scores, so if you have any to contribute, please let us know!}

Zone: Magma Gorge

Color of portal and gem shard: Red

Length of play: Not sure, we haven't been past level 5

Funkey BIO:

The Bones are what they are. They don’t hide their feelings or thoughts from anyone. But it’s easy to get under their skin making them often grumpy and disgruntled.
The phrase “you old bucket of bones” has come to mean someone who is in a bad mood, and if you “have a bone to pick” you are upset about something. But make no bones about it, they still have fun.
Most doctors in Terrapinia are Bones and they are accomplished at playing piano. Their favorite pastime is fishing, although their catch is often just skin and bones.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


In Wasabi's game, Shuriken Master, you start with 55 shuriken (a.k.a. ninja throwing star) and you need to use as few as possible to hit your marks. You will try to hit each of these numbers 3 times each; 20, 19, 18,17, 16,15, and Bullseye.

Use your mouse to click a total of 4 times for each throw. Your first click will start the target aimer rotating around the board. The next click is to stop it on the number you want to aim for, then click again to stop the target where you want to aim on the board. The last click selects the power level of the throw, and your shuriken will be released.

High Scores: {We need to hear from you Shuriken Masters about your high scores! Please post either in the comment section, or on the Funkey Fan Forum, or send us an email!}
One Funkey Fan Forum member's daughter won a pachinko machine (arcade type game) by finishing the game with 41 left! Way to go!

Zone: Magma Gorge

Color of portal and gem shard: Red

Length of play: 55 shuriken

Funkey BIO:
Naturally stealthy and skilled in the ancient art of Funk-Fu the Wasabi are extremely secretive and rarely speak. Always appearing silent and composed, their aloofness is often misunderstood and sometimes feared by their fellow Funkeys.
The Wasabi do nothing to dispel this image. Preferring to keep to themselves, they are in perfect harmony of mind and body. Honesty, self discipline and respectful behavior are their core values. They are often deep in meditation, studying ancient scrolls, painting and sculpting or engaged in rigorous exercises to hone their fighting skills.
Wasabi physical feats are those of legend including stories of walking up walls and on water, and extended levitation. No one has ever challenged a Wasabi and lived to tell the tale.