Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scam to be aware of - Financial Recovery Tools

I'm going off topic in this blog for this post. This blog should come up fairly high in search results, so I want to use that to help people for a moment here.

I'm looking for others who might be a victim to deceitful sales practices. My cousin was "conned" out of $75 in my opinion. That might not be a lot to most people, but it is to her because she's been sick and out of work without a pay check for a very long time.

She doesn't recall ever signing up for anything with the company, nor did she receive any email about it as the company claims. Her credit card was charged for $3 from a merchant called Seller Power, then $75 from Big Daddy Bids, then $75 for the following 2 months from 4 Champion Trading. She was credited the last 2 charges, but the company will not credit the first one from Big Daddy Bids because it was beyond 90 days when she discovered the charges. Of course they make it hard to figure out where the charges are coming from because they use so many different names.

I've done research and found that the same company is going by the names of: 4 Champion Trading, Financial Recovery Tools, Freedom Financial Guide, and most likely many more. They have many different web sites, and at least 2 different toll free numbers that go to the same Customer Support Center. This sounds very shady to me.

They claim the service is for access to a website that helps to find Government Grant Funding and to help with personal budgeting goals. Please, do not fall for this...the information they offer is available for free anyway.

If you have had any trouble with those companies, please contact me so we can do something about them and stop them from taking money from vulnerable people in a deceitful way.

Can anyone help to answer questions from other UB Funkey players?

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Posted by Funkatron6000:
Anyone notice the weird, possibly French, message near the funkeystown portal in daydream oasis ? btw it is under a pic of U.B.
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Posted by Mizlindymay:
I want to get stuff for my treasure chest and when I go to do it it tells me Registration is required, where do I find to register??
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Posted by padawham:
Something I just realized was that there are rares for hidden realm, but no shop! So what are the bonuses for getting a rare? Besides extra coins.
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