Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paradox Green download is ready.....that's what they say! :)

Thanks to Ninjix and Jairo M. (you can check out his blog at funkeyman.blogspot.com) for sharing the news about the newest update available for Series 5, Paradox Green. Go check it out! I'm going to go do that too!

Okay, I've got it downloaded, but then it asks me to install Adobe Flash Player verison 10. Maybe that installation didn't work because I don't see anything new after the update. What have you all found so far?

I just saw on Frogboy's blog, a nice post about the updates: ubfunkeyworld.blogspot.com. Very clever, he used a portal jammer to go into the portal and he has some screen shots posted on his blog. Nice playlist as well! I'm really lov'n the Aerosmith song playing on his blog right now! I'm just glad you guys can't hear me singing right now. lol

Roco left a message saying he posted pics on his blog. I'll go check that out! I also really love the Crash song by Daughtry playing on this blog! Liam likes it because it's one of the Bionicle songs.

More pictures here on Onewa80's blog: onewa80blog.blogspot.com . And he has a template to create your own Paradox Green Funkey.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

One Funkey A Week: Vroom & Super Vroom Ball


This week will be Vroom & Super Vroom Ball!

This is now over a month long overdue, but we're trying to pick back up on it. Vroom wasn't on our original schedule to come up yet, but I liked the idea of Vroom for 4th of July that someone left as a comment in our first post about One Funkey A Week.

Are you up for the challenge? Who has the highest score so far? I know I'm not good at this one, so my score isn't all that good. I'll be back to post some scores to beat a little while later.

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