Monday, March 9, 2009

Catching Up On UB Funkey News ~ Part 1

Hello everyone! As the regular visitors to this blog have probably noticed, we haven't been as active in keeping the blog updated, or visiting our own Funkey Fan Forum. But I am glad that many of you haven't given up on us yet!
In addition to the typical lull that happens between UB Funkey releases, it's been a rough winter with Liam & myself getting sick. It seems we've been taking turns catching something since December.
But there is still lots I want to write about like sorting out all the Funkey Trunk stuff (but we keep getting the message that the clerks are stocking it.....), I really want to list out everything to do with that since there have been lots of questions. But that will be another post when I have more time to write.

Has anyone noticed I changed my name on my posts? What do you think? I haven't fully decided what makes sense, but I have it as "UBF Blogger Mom" for now. I wanted the change for a few reasons. First, I want to make my name less personal because I was creeped out a bit after I started getting some nasty comments, so I want to stop using my real name. So if you leave a comment, I might not put it through if you use my real name.
It also didn't seem right to have younger kids call me by my first name, especially if their parents have taught them to use "Miss" or "Mrs." for names.
Also, I have started a couple other blogs that will also show the name, so I wanted to use a name that would work for them all.

Does anyone have another idea I could use? I put "UBF" in front of "Blogger Mom" to stand for UB Funkeys, and still make it different since the name "Blogger Mom" has probably been used on other blogs many times.