Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays and a Funkey New Year!

This is a "blast from the past", a Holiday Card to my blog readers from a couple of years ago. The end of it doesn't seem to be working right anymore, but I hope you enjoy the first part!

Click to play Funkey Holiday Greetings
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Chance to Get Dot....maybe at a reasonable price?

If you bid on this Dot (or anything else), you can go through this ebates link first and you'll earn cash back on your purchase. You'll also get $5.00 on your account just for signing up.
Just remember to go through your ebates account link to get to ebay so you get credit for your shopping.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cash back when you buy UB Funkeys on Ebay through EBATES!

Does anyone plan to buy any Funkeys through Ebay? I have some left in my inventory, including a full set of Speed Racer. Please let me know what you're looking for and I can put them up for sale on ebay.

Here's a great deal I want to share with you, and you can use it for any purchase through ebay or just about anywhere you buy on-line. You get a $5 bonus for signing up, and 2.0% - 6.0% cash back when you go through Ebates to link to the site where you want to shop.

Check it out and let me know what you think:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The UB Funkey Speakeasy Babble Forum is Now Closed

Sad news that Augiewan closed the UBFunkeys Babble Forum. At least one of the members from there registered at the Funkey Fan Forum in hope of reconnecting with others from the Babble Forum. You are welcome to join as well. We haven't been very active either, but I'm not ready to give up yet! I plan to organize a UB Funkey playing party again soon while we're home for the Holidays. Please keep in touch, everyone, and we'll join up soon for some playing fun. We have a little while longer to hold on! Although I have to admit, that we haven't tried to use the tricks to install Funkeys are on our new Windows 7 PC. So we haven't been playing lately either.
Here's the notice from Augiewan that most of you probably have seen by now:

Hello all, It pains me to do this, but the UBFunkeys Babble Forum is being shut down.There are too many security holes in the old version of this software and I don't feel that it will be worth the time and effort to upgrade when so few people still come to visit.It was fun while it lasted, too bad our Funkeys are no more...


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Funkey poll - please verify your vote

Just a follow up to the previous poll about voting to save the Funkeys - I want to share this helpful reminder from Bryan:

Please remember to verify your vote by checking your email message and verifying it.
Your vote won't count until you do.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Help Save The Funkeys! Please sign petition

The only information I have directly from Mattel about the future of UB Funkeys is that they are no longer going to make new ones, but they will provide technical support to the current players for at least 2 more years. The last I heard, and it has been a couple of months, they were working on making the game compatible with Windows 7. But after that, they'd stop with the updates. Maybe someone has better, or more current information to add to that?

Bryan1598 posted this to the Funkeyfanforum:

As you guys heard, that Funkeys is possibly being discontinued all because of some issues Mattel is having. If you are a person who really enjoys this game and don't want it to stop, then this petition is for you! The more Signatures we get, the more likely Mattel will know that we mean serious business when it comes to Funkeys and that we don't want it to stop!
Please click on this link to sign the petition:
Save UB!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scam to be aware of - Financial Recovery Tools

I'm going off topic in this blog for this post. This blog should come up fairly high in search results, so I want to use that to help people for a moment here.

I'm looking for others who might be a victim to deceitful sales practices. My cousin was "conned" out of $75 in my opinion. That might not be a lot to most people, but it is to her because she's been sick and out of work without a pay check for a very long time.

She doesn't recall ever signing up for anything with the company, nor did she receive any email about it as the company claims. Her credit card was charged for $3 from a merchant called Seller Power, then $75 from Big Daddy Bids, then $75 for the following 2 months from 4 Champion Trading. She was credited the last 2 charges, but the company will not credit the first one from Big Daddy Bids because it was beyond 90 days when she discovered the charges. Of course they make it hard to figure out where the charges are coming from because they use so many different names.

I've done research and found that the same company is going by the names of: 4 Champion Trading, Financial Recovery Tools, Freedom Financial Guide, and most likely many more. They have many different web sites, and at least 2 different toll free numbers that go to the same Customer Support Center. This sounds very shady to me.

They claim the service is for access to a website that helps to find Government Grant Funding and to help with personal budgeting goals. Please, do not fall for this...the information they offer is available for free anyway.

If you have had any trouble with those companies, please contact me so we can do something about them and stop them from taking money from vulnerable people in a deceitful way.

Can anyone help to answer questions from other UB Funkey players?

If anyone would like to answer or comment on the following questions that are posted on the Funkey Fan Forum, you are welcome to answer on the forums or you can leave a comment here. Thanks!

Posted by Funkatron6000:
Anyone notice the weird, possibly French, message near the funkeystown portal in daydream oasis ? btw it is under a pic of U.B.
click here to answer funkatron6000's question

Posted by Mizlindymay:
I want to get stuff for my treasure chest and when I go to do it it tells me Registration is required, where do I find to register??
click here to answer mizlindymay's question

Posted by padawham:
Something I just realized was that there are rares for hidden realm, but no shop! So what are the bonuses for getting a rare? Besides extra coins.
Click here to answer padawham's question

If you have an outstanding question from the forum that I missed, you are welcome to send me an email:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We were tardy for the party!

Sorry if we missed anyone, we were about 15 minutes late getting on today. We still found enough friends in Funkeystown to keep us busy playing and "partying" for a couple hours!

I now realize there are limitations to the party plan of meeting up in the chat room and then inviting Funkeys to your crib. Then everyone leaves the chat room and we're not there for any new arrivals. I apologize if you got there and we weren't there, but we popped back in every once in a while.

If anyone was left out and disappointed they didn't have anyone to play against, please leave a comment with your Funkey name, and also if any of the other times later today or tomorrow work for you to try again (listed in the poll on the side bar). We'll make every effort to come back.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Funkey Playing party tomorrow, Sat. 2/20, Holler's chat room

Hello everyone! I hope to see you on-line tomorrow to play UB Funkeys at 11am Eastern Time (time zone conversions are listed in my previous post). We'll have additional encore playing parties at the other times listed on the poll....I'll do a post on that tomorrow afternoon, so no worries if you can't make it at 11am.

If my Funkey phone works in my crib, Liam & I would like to see how many people we can invite over at the same time! That would be funny to see a whole bunch of Funkeys walking around in there!
If you come over, you might not see many tropheys or gems because I lost everything way back before Mattel started backing up our progress on their server. I never built it back up, and we always played on Liam's login, so he has all the trophys.

Holler Chat Room will be the main meeting place, and Rom's will be the secondary one for anyone who doesn't have Rom, or justs wants to go there too!

For a list of some Unique Funkey names to try in addition to anyone you might see in the chat room, please see the comment section of my last post, and also in the post before that. Our UFN is Funkeysrfun.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UB Funkey playing party this Saturday at 11 am Eastern time

Let's have a party this Saturday, Feb. 20, at 11am Eastern time (8am Pacific). That is the time currently ahead in the poll. Keep voting and perhaps we can add another time so someone isn't left out who would like the opportunity to play against other people.

I've added a new poll so you can indicate which Chat Funkeys you have so that you have access to that chat room. Please vote for every chat funkey that you have.
Holler's chat room will be the main meeting place since that is so easy to get to in Funkeystown. Rom's chat room can be the secondary room to go to if you don't have a Holler.

If you don't have any chat funkeys, that's okay, you don't need to meet up in chat room in order to add buddies to your list. You can also try typing names in your buddy list to see if they're on-line. Please leave a comment with your Unique Funkey name if you want to share itor put it on the Funkey Fan Forum.
I'll list the ones I have before Saturday.

Here is a list of what time it will be in other time zones:

Central (US): 10am
Mountain (US): 9am
England & Ireland: 4pm
France: 5pm

Unfortunately, it will be in the middle of the night in Australia (3am), New Zealand, so we'll need to set up another time if there are players who want to join in at a better time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Please vote in our poll: When can you play funkeys with everyone else?

Note added on Feb. 12: We plan to be online tomorrow playing Funkeys at the times listed on the poll (10am Eastern time, and 7pm). Looks like we'll wait until next week to call it a party. That will give us time to email old friends who haven't played in a while, and for you all to spread the word.
For tomorrow, if we don't see any Funkey names that we know on at the same time, we'll check the Rewind Chat Room.

I've put up a new poll on the right side bar of this blog. If you would like to join us for another UB Funkey Multi-player game party, please vote for when you can be online to play. You can choose multiple answers (even all of them!)

This is what we mean by a "party" - - There will be many different players on-line at the same time for you to play against. There are different ways to go about "meeting up":

~ You can request to add a buddy to your buddy list while in the UB Funkey game. Then you'll see who is on-line and you can challenge them to play, or even just to visit each other's cribs. There are many Unique Funkey Names listed out on my last blog post, and in the Funkey Fan Forum. We can list more prior to game time. And you can add yours in the comment section here.

~ You can go to a chat room (to be determined) and find other players there who are on-line. Some may want to chat, some may add you as a buddy. You can use the chat function to see if anyone wants to play a game or visit your crib.

Is there a Multi-player funkey that you don't have? Please let us know when you post your Funkey name and someone can challenge you.
Multi-player Funkeys are: Lucky (soccer), Snipe (billiards), Dyer (like funk-jong), Sprocket, and Hidden Realm games: Funkey Fighters, Sushi Showdown (chinese checkers)

Here are some images from when we set up a party last weekend.
It could have been just coincidence that these other players were in the ROM chat room at the same time, not sure how many came for our "party". But it was fun.

Part of the fun is changing your Funkey image. I thought it was funny that everyone in the chat room turned into a Native or Pineapple King.

We were invited to Rebsingh's crib and got to see him as Dot. My Funkey cell phone wasn't working, so we couldn't invite anyone to ours unfortunately.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

UB Funkey party today!

Hello everyone!

** Just want to say sorry to everyone who wanted to come to my crib today....the Funkey cell phone wasn't working so I couldn't invite anyone in. Just want to let you know I didn't do that on purpose! **

We'll be back on Funkeys playing 2:00 Eastern time this afternoon (for just a little while) and then again around 5:00 Eastern (2:00 pacific).

We can't stay long for 2:00, but maybe there will be others to play against. We have 26 inches of snow and it's still coming down! So we have a lot of shoveling to do and I haven't started my part yet! I'll try to post pictures later...they are calling this the Snowmageddon.

Here are the Funkey names to look for and play against (add a comment if you want us to find you as well or you can add it to the forum so it shows up immediately funkeyfanforum:

Pteprocks is Pteprocks

neos is neos123141

jairo is jairom1242

Rebsingh is Rishi517

Tiger190 is

carabu is carabu

Liam & I will take turns on Funkeysrfun

We can try the web chat on Rebsingh's web site to chat simultaneously: . There is more of a party going on in that chat box then on UB Funkeys!

Also, we can use ROM's chat room for anyone who wants to meet there if we don't have your Funkey name listed.

Hope to see you on-line!

Friday, February 5, 2010

UB Funkey party tomorrow, anyone?

Hi everyone! Let's have a Funkey multi-player game party tomorrow, Sat. Feb. 6.

There are 2 ways I can think of to do this - Either list each other Funkey names and we can add each other when we're on. OR meet in a chat room, but that would require the particular Funkey, right?

I think I saw that Pteprocks planned a party on New Year's Eve (awesome idea) did that work out? Did meeting in a chat room work best?

Unless I post something different, how about we try to be on at 11am Eastern time (8am pacific), and again at 2pm (11am Pacific). And for those who can't make it, maybe just check in on the hour at different times tomorrow and hopefully others will do the same.

If you plan to participate, please leave a comment with your Funkey name and which game you want to play if you have a preference. And also if you have the Funkey for the game, or if you need someone with it to invite you to play.

Spread the word!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Index.RDF missing

If anyone else is getting this message, here is what I found out today from Mattel's customer service:

It usually means a file is corrupt after an update is interrupted (not verbatim, but that's what I remember he said). The solution is to uninstall and reinstall. You won't lose any data since your progress is saved on their server. So as long as you know what your login name & password is, you should be fine. You can download the software from their website:

This install will get you to version 4.8, and then after you log into the game, it will check for updates and should update to 5.0, the most current version.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Please join the Funkey Fan Forum

There are a few regulars over on the Funkey Fan Forum and they're a little lonely over there. Please come visit and say "hi", or if you can answer any of the unanswered questions, that would be very appreciated.

Here's the link:
Funkey Fan Forum

I know it's not as fancy as the Speakeasy forum, I can try to work on that sometime soon.
It's okay to visit both forums!

I need to say a huge THANK YOU! to Akaabbey for keeping up with the Funkey Fan Forum as an administrator. I haven't been around much but she's stuck with in and checks in to make sure it stays kid-friendly and helps to answer questions.

Thanks everyone!

If anyone has any news on the future of the Funkeys, please share! I haven't been looking for news lately, but I plan to start digging up what I can soon.
THANKS to Daffyjeeps for his email. He emailed me about the UBFunkey official website closing. I hadn't heard that yet.
I'm sure there must be buzzing over at the Speakeasy, but I haven't checked there in a very long time. And if you share information, you can say if you heard from over there and I'll post that too!