Saturday, August 30, 2008

UB Funkey Tank from Dream State, Daydream Oasis on Ebay now!

Thanks to the two who alerted me that Tank is on Ebay, and thanks for link that someone sent to me! I didn't find him on Ebay last night when I searched.

I've added a widget to my sidebar, so if you bid on Tank (I saw that Pteprocks left a comment that his mom said they might bid), please go through the link on the widget. Whenever you buy anything through Ebay or Amazon and click through the links on my sidebar, that will help support this site. Thanks!

[update later the same day: Bidding has ended for the Tank that was up today. The winning bid was $52.00. There was also a Tank sold earlier today as a "buy it now" for $24.95]

Both of the Tanks on Ebay are in Texas. And the one other report I heard so far was from someone in Utah.
I hope the rest of us start seeing some soon!

As of Sept 1st, there is at least one more Tank, and 2 Bergers on Ebay now.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Where are the Daydream Oasis UB Funkeys?

Moriah from Utah found a Tank Funkey at Target yesterday.

I checked one of our area Toys R Us and a Walmart (Fairfax, Va), and there is nothing new there yet.

The new UB Funkey search has begun! Has anyone else found one of the new Daydream Oasis Funkeys yet? We're looking for Lucky, Tank, Berger, and Dyer.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Windows Vista users ~ very important ~ file location

First I just want to say thanks to all of you who have sent in pictures, information, questions, and a link to a You Tube video. I have wanted to use them all in my posts, and I still will try to do that soon. We have been on a brief break, and now away on vacation, but I wanted to post this very important information because it could help Vista users from losing their data in the event of a reinstall of the UB Funkey software.

Eric L. of Fresno, CA has discovered another location where the data files are stored:

C:\Users\WINDOWS USER NAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys

These are the files you want to save when backing up, even if you see the files in the main directory where everyone else finds them.

AppData is a hidden folder. You need to go to control panel, set it to classic view, go to folder options, go to the view tab, and chose the option to view hidden files and folders.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dreamcatcher in UB Funkeys......similar to a Hoodwink or gem?

I'm going out on a limb here, but after seeing some of these new game images from Daydream Oasis, I have a theory that there will be a dreamcatcher that will keep away the Daydream Oasis villain (and possibly Goya in Nightmare Rift), similar to how a hoodwink keeps the henchmen from stealing your coins in other parts of Terrapinia. Does anyone know the name of the green villain in Daydream Oasis? Is it Dali?

{Please see the comment section below. There is a comment from an anonymous reader who has a correction to my theory. If that is so, and if you have to win the dreamcatcher from playing all 4 games & then it defeats the villain (similar to gem shards), then I would have to say that I am going to crawl back off that limb I went out on!}

UB Funkey Daydream Oasis Portal & the Villain's Den

Here are few new things with update 3.1 that we've discovered so far, and I'm sure there's more to be discovered. Let us know what you find!

The location of the Daydream Oasis portal and the Villain's Den is shown here in the picture. The map is open as well in the picture so that you can see the location, just look where the big red diamond is on the map, lower left corner.

Liam also discovered that there's a new category in his "Stuff". There is now a place for Sweets! Perhaps that has something to do with the Gumball Machine that we expect to see in Daydream Oasis.
Michael B. from Canada found something we didn't notice ~ The Terrapinia Library has been updated with Master Lox, the henchmen, and Mayor Sayso. Could this be a hint they will come out a playable characters?

Here is a link to the previous post with images of the new game.

Version 3.1, UB Funkey Daydream Oasis is finally here!

Here are some images from the UB Funkey 3.1 update that added Daydream Oasis to the game.

Tank's game: Coral Cruiser

Dyer's game will be a multi-player game: Jongg Challenge

Lucky's game is soccer and also a multi-player game: Rainbow Shootout

Berger's game: Scoop Stacker

This is Snipe's game, but it was just added with the 3.1 update: Bombastic Billiards

Could this next image be a hint that we might see a Henchmen as a playable figure in the game? Afterall, there was a new building added with this update called "The Villain's Den". Hmmmmmm (Thanks NeonMaster for suggesting this idea first)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Did you get the Dreamstate Daydream Oasis update yet?

I'm not getting a connection again, Master Lox has infiltrated my system again (I'm out to get him now!). However I received an email from NeonMaster over an hour ago, and the update was downloading for him.

Liam reminded me yesterday that this is a good time to make a backup copy of our game files, before this new update comes through. So, I'll pass the reminder on to you!

I hope to have a post tomorrow about Daydream Oasis. Just before Liam went to bed tonight he asked me how many days until Daydream Oasis. We expected it to occur this Friday, the 15th, so he's been counting down the days! Perhaps he'll have a nice surprise tomorrow. Of course it won't do us much good until we find a Lucky, Tank, Dyer, or the Funkey hunt begins again!

A couple hours later......I have the 3.1 update!

Monday, August 11, 2008

UB Funkey crib with many items from Dot Spot

I'd like to share some pictures that were sent in by Eric L. of Fesno, CA. He has a Dot funkey that he bought off of Ebay, and he shared pictures of his crib and the inside of Dot Spot.

I don't want this to spoil it for everyone, and since there is at least one vote on my poll for not showing this, I'll put the picture of the crib at the bottom of the post so you can skip it if you want. But majority rules, so the picture is going up (I'll try to get larger pictures up soon)............

This next picture is Eric's crib with 6 items from Dot's mart. Can you spot them all? One of the items is from earning an "insane high score" (the answer is below).

Here is what Eric had to say about the Dot game:
Here is a picure of my crib that was made with mostly items bought from Dot's store. The air hockey table is the prize for getting blowout (a perfect score without your opponent scoring once). You also need to get a blowout score to unlock the game in your game room. I think I got the trophy with a final score of 5-1. The game works like normal air
hockey with a 2 minute time limit. Besides being able to hit the puck, you are also able to fly over it and land on top of it to grab and reposition it. The goal is to get seven goals in that timeframe. The controls are somewhat unresponsive, but the computer is a pretty easy opponent.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Dot Shot Trophy

NeonMaster, a Funkey Fan who started visiting here recently, has found a crib that shows the Dot Shot Trophy. I didn't want this to be a spoiler, but judging from the latest poll set up on the sidebar of this blog, no one is opposed to spoiling the surprise so here it goes..............

[Just after I posted this, I noticed there was one voter on the poll (out of 60 so far) who doesn't want to see this. So, if that someone comes back to visit, please cover your eyes until you scroll down a couple pages!]

Can you spot the Dot Shot Trophy all the way on the right side? The crib's name is "Cruzer" and you can visit it & get a closer look by riding the Funkey's crib tram at Grand Funkey Station.

Here's a screen shot of the Cruzer Crib that shows a little ladybug in the center. Isn't it cute?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Daydream Oasis update & Funkeys at the end of the month

I did not hear this firsthand myself, and usually I do the research before posting news, but I believe this is from a reliable source........I received an email from NeonMaster who spoke to Mattel/Radica yesterday and was informed that the Daydream Oasis update will occur at the end of the month, along with the release of the Daydream Oasis Funkeys!

{I'll just add a little disclaimer here: Even when an update or release is scheduled, sometimes it can be delayed. If that happens, please don't hold it against the messenger, or this blog, or Mattel (depending on the reason....LOL). But I'll still report what I hear because most of the time it does come through as reported. Thanks!}

One more thing to share from the email:
NeonMaster called Mattel/Radica yesterday because of Funkeys not working properly, and they gave some solutions.

"If a screen appears when you put a Funkey in saying:
'Something is wrong, can you check it for me?' and asks you to Quit Game, first
try and move the funkey around in the hub. If that doesn't work, get a dry cloth
or tissue and rub the funkey's feet. If it still doesn't work, please go to and click on 'Contact Us' and scroll down to Radica and call

Interactive crib items for Chat Funkeys

This is really cool. With the Chat Funkeys, you can now buy items that are interactive. You can "play" in the cribs now. That makes it more fun when you visit a friend's crib. And it's so funny to see the items moving, knowing that there's a real person out there on the other end making them move!

There are at least 2 items in each Chat Funkey's mart that move when you click on them. The interactive items that I have purchased for the crib pictured above are a Red Radio from Holler's mart, a Binary Bang (firecracker thing that is going off in the picture and it spells "FUNKEY") from Rom's mart, and Pink Kisses from Gabby's mart. You can see some of the kisses that the lip blew, they are very light in picture, but they are small white kisses floating around.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New bonus code ~ rocketwithsprocket6588

This new bonus code was news to us today on
Enter rocketwithsprocket6588 under "options" in the main menu and it will give you a robot and 25 coins!

If you haven't voted for your favorite crib in's crib contest, be sure to check it out. You can enter your crib for next month's contest.

For the complete list of other bonus codes (or "cheat codes"), please visit this earlier blog post: Cheat Codes.

Our Dream State Funkeys......Found!

Our collection is now as complete as it's going to be for a while. We have at least one of each character except Dot. We held out for Walmart prices to complete the Dream State Funkeys that we were missing, and a couple days ago it felt like we hit the jackpot! I wish I had my camera with me at the store, it was amazing! I've never seen anything like it! At least 3 full pegs of Dream State Funkeys at Walmart in Sterling, Va (if you live around No.Va., then you can probably still pick up some). There was at least one of every Dream State that is out, plus a few rare & very rare ones.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hints of things to come in Daydream Oasis

We're getting hints of new things to come in the UB Funkey game. If you have a Chat Funkey already, you've most likely already stumbled upon this. There are phrases already set up for the future additions to the game.
Multi-player games
We realize it isn't news that there will be multi-player games, but this was good to see (in the picture) that we now have a clue to which ones they will be; Lucky, Snipe, Sprocket, and Dyer.
Names of future games
Coral Cruiser
Bombastic Billiards
Rock'em Sock'em Sprocket
Scoop Stacker
Jongg Challenge
Rainbow Shootout
I haven't seen anything official yet as to which characters the games go to, but I did see that someone listed it out on the Funkey Fan Forum. I'll check that out and follow up here.
Things you can do in Daydream Oasis
Pick Flowers
Defeat the Villain (no big surprise on this one!)
Gumball Machine

More on the Chat Funkeys!

Here are more observations, and a question, that we have after a bit more experience playing with our Chat Funkey. We always love hearing from anyone who wants to add anything, or correct us, or answer a question. You are welcome to ask questions of your own as well!

In our limited experience, we'd say the first thing you'll want to do is buy a virtual cellphone from the Chat Funkey's mart. The cellphone will allow you to activate the chat functions at all times during the game, whether you are walking around Terripinia or in your crib.

You don't need a cellphone (aka Fphone) for someone else to "call you" to add you to friend list. However, if you do not have a cell phone, your chat functions will only work in the chat room inside the Chat Funkey's Chat House.

As for the Funk Fone, that will only work in your crib. We discovered that we really didn't need to spend our coins on it afterall because the cell phone will accomplish the same thing. With just a cellphone, you can also invite other Funkeys to come visit your crib.

[blog edit on 8/13/08: I need to add a warning not to go "hog wild" in adding too many friends to your buddy list. It will become full at some point & you can only delete names if they are on-line. The problem we are running into now is that Liam was accepting every invite while in the chatroom when he first got started, but now most of those names haven't been on-line at the same time so we can't remove any of them.]

Other Funkey Friends roaming your crib

It is so funny (maybe even a bit creepy at times) to see other Funkeys walking around in your crib. They should only be there if you invited them, but yesterday we had a random Funkey wander in while we had some other invited Funkeys in there. We checked the "friend list" and he wasn't on there. Does anyone have any idea how that would happen?

Access to the Chat Room from your Crib's Game Room:

We're not sure what Liam did to get Rewind's Chat Room in his crib, one time he just walked in and he got the message, "congratulations, you can now access the chat room from your crib's game room".

To view our previous post on the Chat Funkeys,
click here.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

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If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact us at the above addresses or phone number.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let's Chat about the Chat Funkeys!

Chat Funkeys! Yep, they're finally turning up in the Toys R Us, Target, & Walmart stores more frequently.

We did find all four yesterday, but since Toys R Us prices are a bit higher ($14.99), I let Liam pick just one for now. Perhaps we'll expand the collection when we find them at Walmart for $10.22. I'm thinking about that one.........

Of course we will! Who am I kidding? I'll need one of each, I'm already committed to this UB Funkey collecting habit, there's no turning back now!

If you don't have a Chat Funkey yet and would like to be surprised by it all, then you might want to stop reading now. However, if you want to know more, or if you are a parent who would like a preview before your child steps into a more interactive part of the UB Funkey game, then I hope this will help.

Here is a screen shot of our Funkey inside of Rewind Roost interacting with other players. All of the other Funkeys you see when you enter the room are real people with their Funkeys. If you click on the Funkey, you'll see their Unique Funkey Name come up as, "Hello! My name is ____"

Some of you might be wondering why different Funkeys are in the picture. It was actually quite funny, everyone started out as Rewind because that is how you enter Rewind Roost. But then everyone started switching out their Funkeys to keep turning into different ones. I was laughing so hard as we were doing it. We were actually interacting with other Funkey players who we didn't know, and could never know who these people are because you cannot communicate with them personally. But we were communicating in a unique way because we were showing the others which Funkeys we have and it was fun to see them all!

[Elephant Don & BillyX ~ if you're out there, BB2 was Liam and we were having a blast "playing"]

I had lots of questions when we first started with the Chat Funkey, as you might, so I'll answer some of them:

Are the Chat Funkeys safe?

Yes, it appears completely safe. All dialog is pre-set and then selected by the player in different combinations. I believe this is called "safe chat". There is no option to freely type anything.

Can I only chat with my friends?

No, you can chat with whomever else is in the same "chat house" at the same time.
However, to chat with someone outside of the Chat House, they will need to be on your "buddy list".

What's up with the cell phones?

You don't need a virtual cell phone to chat in the "roost" or other Chat House's, but if you have a cell phone then you can travel throughout Terrapinia & still chat. The cell phone in Rewind's mart cost 2,100 coins, so start saving up now!

What was the biggest surprise of what you can do with a Chat Funkey?

We were invited to someone's crib and actually "went" there and explored! It was amazing! I am not completely sure how to do that * (A Funkey Fone is involved edited, thanks to pteprocks!), but Liam was invited by "Pokeman", and then Pokemon's crib, game room, trophy room, and garage were up on our screen & our Funkey could walk all around and explore it the same way we do ours!
* After playing with Rewind more, we now know that after you buy a Funkey's Fone, you can use it in your crib to invite a friend to chat in your crib. The friend must be someone who is on your buddy list. If you buy the Funkey's Fone at the Rewind-Market, it will be a "Squawk box". To activate the controls, you'll need to click on the Funkey head in the upper left corner of your screen. You can also invite friends to your crib with a cell phone, you just need to be in your crib when you invite them.

If Pokemon reads this ~ You have a very cool crib & garage. If you want to share your crib name, Liam would love to see it again.
We were very impressed with Pokemon's trophy room. I got a screen shot of it, it looks very complete. There were more trophys when we scrolled to the right.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our New Funkeys ~ Rewind, Vlurp, Waggs, and Ptep

Last week we finally found Waggs, Vlurp, and Ptep at Toys R Us. We've been so busy playing that I haven't updated the blog about them! Today we found the Chat Funkeys at Toys R Us. But no sign of Drift around these parts!

I'll do another post about Chat Funkeys because there are many interesting features, it deserves it's very own post!

Thanks to everyone who reported on where they have found the Dream State Funkeys......

Mellafunk made a great find today when she found all of the Chat Funkeys at a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas for $10.22. She also picked up a Rare Drift! The Toys R Us near her had them, but they were having major pricing problems. Watch out for Toys R Us, they have had various pricing problems on many of the Dream State Funkeys all over the country as Joseph from the Bronx first warned us, and I have experienced it as well.

Mellafunk's find at Walmart was much better than $14.99 that I paid today for Chat Funkeys at Toys R US in Sterling, Va.

"UNC" kindly reported that he found Vlurp, Ptep, Waggs and Drift at a TRU in Memphis, TN. last week. And now he has a complete Funkey collection after his recent find of all four Chat Funkeys at a Target halfway between Memphis and SouthHaven Miss.
Jeremy in Mass. also had good luck yesterday when he found all four Chat Funkeys at TRU
It's odd, so far we're finding all four when we find any. It's as if the store just unloaded a box and the first person who gets there buys the complete set. So you're either lucky or not!