Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where to buy U.B. Funkeys

If you're looking for a one-stop place for Funkey shopping, I recommend checking out And they have recently added the Funkey Plushies to their store!

If you prefer to shop in the brick and mortar stores, you might need to do some driving around to find the particular Funkeys you are looking for (the long-time Funkey players know this ALL too well after much wasted gas driving from store to store on our Funkey hunts!)

For the best prices on UB Funkeys, Walmart and Target are the places to go. Singles sell for $4.94 or so. The double packs of Chat Funkeys or Multiplayer packs are around $10.49. Kmart has a sale this upcoming week with the best prices yet!

I'll do my best to compile a list of which stores carry which series of Funkeys (and, please, everyone who has additional information or corrections, I'd love to hear from you through comments or email! Thanks!)

Dream State singles: Walmart, Toys R Us, KMart, Target, KB Toys, Limited Too

Speed Racer series: Target, Toys R Us

Series 1 & 2 Funkey singles: Everyplace Funkeys are sold including Walgreens

Chat Funkeys: Target, Walmart, Toys R Us

Multiplayer Packs: Walmart, Toys R Us, Limited Too

Funkeystown Adventure Pack (Mayor Sayso, Master Lox, Henchman, and Bones): KMart only!

Funkiki Island Adventure Pack (Pineapple King, Jerry, Native, and Sol): Target only!

But has all of those, and when they get low on their stock, they work very hard to find what you are looking for!!


thegman12 said...

funkey fever funkey prices are really pricy. Its almost discusting. Almost 30$ for and adventure pack.

Tom said...

Also try eBay. I've seen some fairly good prices there. Also check out Toys R Us and Target's website after Christmas as they have specials going on. I was able to add to my son's collection,(now close to 60 Funkeys,) without spending too much money.

Anonymous said...

whoa i have never seen those funkeys before in my life! i wonder where they got them at?

Anonymous said...

dang it! i meant to leave that comment on the toy fair in new york city 2009 pics :(

Anonymous said...

i searched,,, and and i couldn['t find any U.B Funkeys :'(

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the most options of funkeys. I think you rock for helping others.

jordan brotherton said...

Funkeyfever is gone so WAT?