Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funkey Fever Clearance Sale

Tristan F. sent me an email about Funkey Fever closing. I didn't know that! That's sad news. They are closing on December 30, 2009 and are having a clearance sale on their UB Funkey merchandise.
Here's the message posted by Tamara, the owner:

Due to loss of interest from children and collectors, we are closing our website for good. I'm sorry to those of you who still show interest and help support our site but we cannot afford to continue. We will officially close December 30, 2009 and we will be selling all products cheap!! everything left will be on ebay after that date. I'm very sorry!

Goodbye and I will miss you all!



jairo m. said...

wo, i did not know that.

Ap said...

no dont close plz plz plz i beg u =(

pryo neos said...

my all time favorite funkey site going to quit... :(

Zoomix said...

Well that's no good :\

Tamara should make a blog :] next best thing :|

Anonymous said...

There IS a funkey fever blog already.