Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The UB Funkey Speakeasy Babble Forum is Now Closed

Sad news that Augiewan closed the UBFunkeys Babble Forum. At least one of the members from there registered at the Funkey Fan Forum in hope of reconnecting with others from the Babble Forum. You are welcome to join as well. We haven't been very active either, but I'm not ready to give up yet! I plan to organize a UB Funkey playing party again soon while we're home for the Holidays. Please keep in touch, everyone, and we'll join up soon for some playing fun. We have a little while longer to hold on! Although I have to admit, that we haven't tried to use the tricks to install Funkeys are on our new Windows 7 PC. So we haven't been playing lately either.
Here's the notice from Augiewan that most of you probably have seen by now:

Hello all, It pains me to do this, but the UBFunkeys Babble Forum is being shut down.There are too many security holes in the old version of this software and I don't feel that it will be worth the time and effort to upgrade when so few people still come to visit.It was fun while it lasted, too bad our Funkeys are no more...



Danielthefunkey said...

Funkeys are falling apart. I feel that advertising from matel would bring them back to life.

MikeBozzo said...

Yea I dont know how to use funkeys on windows 7 :(


apryl8 said...

Can you point me to the tricks to get it to work on 7.0. My son has 79 Funkeys (including DOT), we finally had to break down and get a new computer and would love to be able to play again.