Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UB Funkey Server Problem

Just want to report that Mattel has confirmed there is trouble with the server and the engineers are working on it. I'll post again when we find out it's working again.

Thanks so much to Amy & April for posting comments here on the blog & on the Funkey Fan Forum. That helped me to have more confidence when I called them back today. Last week I was told that the server was working fine & it was my computer that had the problem. So glad we have this communication so we know it's a wider problem. You saved me the time, grief, and hassle of having to uninstall & reinstall AGAIN!

We haven't played Funkeys since last March or so just before our computer's hard drive died. We finally installed the Funkey software on our new hard drive the end of last week and we are ready to get back into it.
Once we are back on, we should share Unique Funkey Names of those who are still playing.
We have: BB2 and FunkeysRFun


Amy said...

Thanks so much for making the call! Saves me a lot of time on the phone. I'm glad to know others are experiencing the same issues we are so I know it's not just me.

UFNs liahbug, emilynene, seanbear, addypants

Hopefully we'll all be up and running again soon!

poppy said...

Thank you, I use to play funkeys alot, then we moved and we finally got them unpacked but during the time they were packed up, My computer crashed. Lost all my funkey stuff. I just reloaded and updated but was afraid mattel cut the funding to the server where my data was! So happy to know I just have to wait a little bit more and I will have all my trophies back.

Amy said...

any luck on your end with the server problem?

Rebsingh said...

I still haven't played in a bit, but I can try to start... :/ I'm too busy though. D: My UFN is Rebsingh lol

Aidan. said...

Any Idea When Funkeys Will Be Re-Opened/Launched?

Sharon said...

Hi, we're fairly new to Funkeys and only started playing at Christmas. We're hooked and sooo disappointed to hear they're not being produced anymore :(
We've recently bought a Holler but are unable to register on the server. Does anyone know if the server is still having problems - its over a month since the last posting.
Funkey Fan

Amy said...

I do know, actually. When they took the website down, the server stopped working too. Since they aren't being produced anymore, they are in no hurry to fix it. Technical support said they "might" fix it, but not to hold my breath. The good news is, even though you can't do anything multiplayer, as long as you play on the same computer every time, your profile is saved on your computer. It's lame for my kids because we have two computers with funkeys set up on it, so they have to make sure they play on the same computer they did the last time if they want their progress saved from the last time.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I wish I got the chance!! i bought ub funkeys but cannot download ot on windows 7, it comes up with error message. very diappointinf=g.

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