Friday, February 8, 2008

Tiki's game Bounce N' Break

Tiki is the newest addition to our "Funkey Family". We got lucky and found a rare Tiki. When my son saw it he said, "It's a Very, Very Rare one." He said that because it is olive green and we've never seen a picture of that one. The rare one is always pictured as yellow. But when we played with him, the picture on the computer is yellow, so it's just the "rare" one!

Is it just me or is this a hard game? Once again, maybe this would be easier if I used a mouse. But I've been up to over 8,000 points and up to level 5 and I am not earning any coins yet! I did read somewhere that someone earned a trophy at level 10, but Wow!, that seems very hard to do! It seems I should be at least winning 10 coins by now! Or make that 20 since rare Funkeys earn more! {update: on Saturday, I finally earned 30 coins with a score of 12,111 on level 6}

Has anyone had any luck with this game? Any high scores to list on this one?

A Forum is now set up, please visit it to post your high scores.....

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