Wednesday, May 28, 2008

UB Funkeys DREAM STATE and more

If you're like me, you have one of each Funkey that is available to date, you've played all the games, know the layout of the zones without looking at the map anymore. And now you are ready for the next wave of Funkeys!

This is what we can look forward to ~ Dream State, Chat Funkeys, and 2 more Speed Racer Funkeys (Speed Racer single & Taejo).

WHEN? I'm sure you're asking that! This summer is the answer. The most specific I've heard yet is August, as Rochycha reports on Squidoo (see previous post).

[update on 6/10/08: The next UB Funkey update is ready to download, you can read about it and see the new images like this one on my next post, Dream State & Chat Funkey 3.0 update ]


My favorite place to find Funkey information on Dream State is Augiewan's blog, Click here to see a larger image with the character names from Augiewan's blog.

There will be 2 zones, Daydream and Nightmare. There will be 10 Funkeys: Ptep, Drift, Tank, Vlurp, Sprocket, Lucky, Berger, Snipe, Dyer, and Wags.

Prior to this news back in Feb., we expected to see Dot and Bandit come out next with Drift and Sprocket. That is because they were listed on the UB Funkey hub packaging and also in the Terrapinia library. But now we know that is not the case, and I haven't heard anything new on Dot & Bandit.

I'll be watching Augiewan's blog for more new information on Dream State, as you may want to as well. But I'll keep you posted as well when he has the lastest news to share.


We can also look forward to the future addition of Chat Funkeys to spark a new interest in the UB Funkey game. I haven't heard any details about these yet except that players will be able to "communicate with each other safely in the game" , and that the names are: Rom, Holler, Gabby, and Rewind. Thanks to Augiewan and his blog again for those names. You can also see a larger image of these with their names at

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