Saturday, May 24, 2008

UB Funkeys on Squidoo

One of the fun parts of writing this blog is meeting (in an on-line sort of way) lots of nice people. Some of them I've corresponded with through email after they've contacted me with a question (Here's a shout-out to Clubpenquin in California, Paula & Winston in Hawaii, Amanda in Australia, and Kevin & Marsha. There is one nice grandmother and her 2 granddaughters in Ohio that we've continued to exchange email after I sold some Funkeys to her over Ebay (Hi Sue, sorry I've been bad at replying lately. I've also been bad at posting on the blog!).

There are others that I feel like I know after posting on the Funkey Fan Forum (Hi Luli, Wisteriatayu, Wench05, Timmster, funkeynut, funkeymom, and now KT. There are more, but those were the more active ones who were there when it started). And there are the other bloggers, writers, and webmasters who have websites on the UB Funkeys (Hi Augiewan from Speakeasy, Karl of, and Tamara from

Here's another website about UB Funkeys that I want to share. Rockycha (Carrie) writes about UB Funkeys on & I like her writing and the way she presented all about the UB Funkeys on her Lens. Check it out at UB Funkeys at

She also has a Lens about Speed Racer Movie Toys & Games that is worth checking out.

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Tamara said...

Thank you for the mention on your blog. I too find it terribly trying to post often and keep up with emails to the friends I've made online. I believe you {Robyn) are doing a wonderful job keeping us all informed and up to date on the new web sites popping up. I hope to modify mine soon...
PS I too, have dying Neopets LOL!
Your Funkey Friend