Friday, January 9, 2009

Hidden Realm Funkey 4 pack from is in stock again has been shipping out the Hidden Realm 4 packs for the last couple days. They are back in stock! We expect to get ours today.

As my luck would have it, I just found the singles at Target today! The price on the shelf was marked as $5.99, but they weren't coming up in the store's computer yet, so the store rang them up at $4.94.

If you order from (see the widget to the right, on the sidebar), watch out that it's the $29.99 one that goes in your shopping cart. Sometimes the widget will automatically go to a different priced one. I noticed that happened to me when was out of stock.


akaabbey said...

I did notice that the HR 4-pack is now $49.95 (if you just search Amazon for Hidden Realm)...I got mine through here - so I would suggest getting them through the widget on here to get the best price!! ... The other is a store on Amazon.

funkey said...

i'ts cheaper to just but the singles that's not worth 49$

funkey said...

I just saw it on ebay now it's 29$