Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Future of the Funkey? Will they live on?

I am wondering what anyone has heard about the continuation of UB Funkeys?
I don't want to start any rumors, so please realize that I have not heard anything official at all. But I do have many questions about this possibility....and if Mattel is considering discontinuing the line, I wonder if it's too late to do my part to rally up the interest and fun in the game. Liam and I were plannning to pick one Funkey each week for everyone to play its game and then we'd see what everyone's high scores are and what everyone has won. It would be something to do over the summer months when school is out, and also renew the interest in the game.

Someone left a comment on my last blog post saying they work at Mattel and the Funkeys didn't make the cut. Now, we realize that we can't believe everything we hear or read, so don't assume that's true until we hear if officially.
I will say though, that I wouldn't be surprised if it is true. First there was Taejo sold by a former worker who was layed off from Mattel (first sign) & he mentioned in a comment over at the Speakeasy blog that Funkeys wouldn't continue if the sales don't make a certain level, then there is a long delay in the next series release. I believe this has been the longest gap yet.

Please report whatever you find out!

** I decided to just pick up the phone and call Mattel's support and see if I could find out anything. A very nice support person told me they are carrying on and have not heard that on their end. UB Funkeys is still very popular and is the product with a message board the website, and they get the most calls for Funkey product. And they have plans, they're working on new things **

So, let's keep up the Funkey Fun!


bones111 said...

Don't forget pardox green funkeys!Ub funkeys are getting a little boring thogh.I would play it but nothing ever happends.And The new dream state villians.Like goya and dali.Hope this is the first comment.And I do like your idea for funkey of the week.But didn't frogboy 96 have that idea?

UBF Blogger Mom said...

I don't know if Frogboy had that idea, I don't keep up with everyone's blogs that well...too many! But I think someone had a funkey a week to find in other places, or something like that. I haven't heard of everyone playing the same game at the same time to boost interest. Please let me know if that exact idea has already been done.
This is also a way that I will finally finish my Character Links on the sidebar with the bios, game stats, etc.

frogboy 96 said...

Yes I did make that up. But it got very boring so I stopped. If you want to do that then be my guest.

jairo m. said...

this is just a theory, but i predict that we wont be hearing from u.b. and his pals for a while, i mean like come on! its been so long since i found out about parodx green and dc heros! and they're making a big deal about parodox g. with all the posters and what not! hopefully this is not the last we see of u.b. , duece, yang and so on.

Anonymous said...

*exhales* Good! It's not true! I will now begin recommending UB Funkeys to all my friends!

Anonymous said...

Paradox Green Funkeys are supposed to be released as the next seires,not DC Heros.

Anonymous said...


Onewa80 said...

AWESOME! Wait- AWESOME! People are actually DOING something!!!
Happy dance...!