Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Funkey A Week: UB & Museum Mask Mayhem

******* Keep UB Funkeys Alive! *******
The Challenge Begins Today!
U.B. is the Funkey this week (even though he's not actually a Funkey) and the game is MUSEUM MASK MAYHEM
Are you up for the challenge? We're picking one Funkey a week to challenge you to play. You don't need to play everyday...but you could! Play that Funkey at least once, or more if you wish, and come here to post a comment with your high scores, how many coins you won, and any item or trophy you won from the game, or anything you want to tell us.
There are no prizes, just fun! And you'll help keep the Funkeys alive.
Liam calls this a COIN BOOST. As you're playing the games each week, your coins will start adding up. So even if you've already bought everything in the Funkey Marts that you want up 'till now, you'll be saving up and ready for when the new series comes in the Fall.

So let's get started and play Museum Mask Mayhem!

This week's game will run from this Saturday, May 9 until next Sunday, May 17th.


Rebsingh said...

this is a little late but i got 105,090


awsome thanks Robyn for trying to leep funkeys alive!

Dreamy89 said...

when are you gonna post next weeks

jairo m. said...

i got 6,000 coins when i was done playing museum mask mayhem! maby i wont quit my blog.

U.B. Funkeys said...

hmmm...when are you posting the new u.b. funkey of the week (if you want a site that is up to date on the u.b. funkey of the week go to )

Dreamy89 said...

This is turning into a funkey a month,Robyn!

kewl said...

HELP!! Whenever I click on angus or my funkey trunk it makes the sound that it opened but it never does! What do I do???

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Dreamy89 - Wasn't sure many people were really into it, so I'm glad you're still following. You should post your score!
I'm behind because I haven't been feeling well. I was bit by a tick about a month ago and last week I started feeling really bad symptoms that sure seem like Lyme Disease. So I had lots of doctors appointments last week & this week again. My hands & fingers feel better, so I can type now. But last week I was so bad I could hardly type.
Thanks for sticking around and checking back. I'll try to get on this soon.

Thanks to those who posted scores & comments, I appreciate it!

lilaq said...

i got bored of ub funkeys.........

Anonymous said...

Hmm July should be Vroom because of 4th of July Vroom- Red Blue White Stars! Perfect

Dreamy89 said...

I didnt exactly play it but the highest ive ever got is level 5 or 6 dunno what my score was.