Saturday, July 11, 2009

Warning to those with UB Funkeys Blogs

I just want to warn those of you who write UB Funkey blogs. Watch out for a nasty person who leaves nasty messages. They might try to use someone else's please beware and don't assume they are who they say they are unless you can verify it through a blogger account.
If you want more information on this, you can email me so I don't have to put all this out publicly. I've been tracking their IP address, location, etc.

And to the person who likes to leave those nasty comments:

** This next part is directed only to one person. You know who you are. **

You are not as anonymous as you think you are. I will be reporting you. So you can cut it out now and stop wasting your time. I won't be allowing any of your comments through until you have something decent to say anyway. I actually don't even read your comments anymore as soon as I see the first curse word.

However, I would love to get a private email from you explaining:

1) Why do you visit UB Funkey web sites if you dislike them as strongly as you do? I can't figure out that one. I know you always come through the link from, so what's up with that?

2) What exactly is it that you would like to accomplish through your comments? If it's a blog post for you, then here it is!

3) Are you really so unhappy that you need to put other people down? I just don't get it. Perhaps you should read "A New Earth" by Eckerd Tolley and you'll have a better understanding of why you feel that need. You are only human! But you can control that urge.

If you feel the need to send yet another comment (perhaps expressing your anger to this) if you read this, then try to use some proper language without the profanity, please. Show some intelligence and branch out in your vocabulary. You'll be glad you did. You'll look back at your actions when you are older and you'll be embarrassed about your behavior. Or at least I hope you grow into an adult who doesn't behave the way you currently behave on-line. Remember there are real people on the receiving end of all your actions, and I haven't done anything to you. If this blog bugs you so much, there's quite a simple solution. Do I need to spell it out? D-O N-O-T C-L-I-C-K T-H-E L-I-N-K


Onewa80 said...

Happend to me too. It happened SO MUCH, I had to disable the ananymous setting(Allowing anonymous people comment). It really stinks.


Roco said...

I'm glad they haven't found my Blog yet. I hope they don't. I'm also glad you took this issue into hands. I hope this commenter learns their mistakes.
-Funk on ;)

frogboy 96/ vlurp111 said...

I got something like that a few months back. They were only interested in croak and I settled it. Nothing else mattered to them.

jairo m. said...

well im glad my blog isnt one that people go to. so he or she might not even know about me! :D

neos123141 said...

i don't want people to know me.

mcho04 said...

Yay! Perfect way to express that! I havent seen these comennts and i am kinda glad I gavent! :-)

-Mfunk04 F4E Admin-

P.s It will prob say my name as mcho04 but im mfunk.

fun funkeys2 said...

nice speech ;) and you're right!

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Onewa80- good thinking about disabling the anonymous setting.

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Hey Mfunk - you changed your name? I'll try to get used to that and I'll try to remember it!

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Thanks everyone for your support. And for all the positive, good comments that you contribute!

It appears that we have discovered who the culprit is so I'll probably take down this particular post soon. I first wanted to let you all know that I appreciate your supportive comments.

FFM said...

I still get anonymous coments saying things in gibberish and cursing and whatnot. I think it's someone from blogger that is jealous of our site popularity and trying to put us down.

Anonymous said...

whiteraj thinks those people are rude!

Digi_Funkey said...

i honestly don't understand how anyone (i mean you anonymous guy)
could be so stupid as to just go around trashing blogs. i mean why waste your time and energy when its just gonna get deleted anyways. if you don't like something why dont you just go away instead of being a huge tool about it!?!?!?!?!?!?!