Sunday, July 5, 2009

This is for the Twilight Fans

This is a diversion from UB Funkeys for a minute here. But since there are probably quite a few of you who might be into the Twilight Saga, I thought I'd share a few interesting things I found.

[If you will be totally bored by reading this post, you can stop now and go check out Pteprock's blog where he posted pictures of inside Rastro's game room including items from the mart. Be warned that this could be a SPOILER. Even if you want to read this post, you can still check out his blog after you read this!!!!)

I recently became a fan of the Twilight Saga when I was going through the Lyme Disease stuff. That's why I wasn't updating this blog much at all during May & part of June, because I felt so miserable & exhausted. Funny thing is, after spending so much time for at least a month researching everything I could about Lyme Disease, I needed a diversion and something to take my mind off it. That's when I discovered Twilight. The funny part is that I felt transformed after my tick bite.....but unlike a vampire's bite turning someone into a vampire, my blood sucker only turned me into a Lymie. OK, not so funny to have Lyme Disease, but it was coincidental that there was somewhat of a parallel with my 2 obsessions.

It all started after I watched the movie on DVD, then I became curious about how different it was from the book. I was also curious about the books because almost everyone I know (including many moms, believe it or not!) was so hooked on the story. They would all say it was easy to read and they would go through them so fast & couldn't put it down so they were up late at night reading. I tried to avoid falling into that routine as long as possible, but I finally read Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1) (by Stephenie Meyer), then New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2) , and now I'm on Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3).
I am so fascinated how the screen writers and director can bring a book to life, although it's disappointing how they leave a lot of things and turn things around a bit in the story.

Even though I'm into the story now and read a little bit everyday because I do want to find out what happens next, I do find it funny how people can be fanatics about the movie, books, and actors. It's just crazy how it's turned into a franchise and so many things have spurned out from it. There are lunch boxes, director's notebook, life size cut outs of Edward Cullen & Bella Swan, and even dolls! Check it out.........

Twilight Action Figures: Edward and Bella 2-Pack

Now this would be a great surprise for someone who is a really big fan of Edward Cullen or the actor who plays him (Rob Pattinson)!

I'll admit, if I was much younger & still in school where I needed a lunch box, I probably would be asking my parents for one of these! I also saw one with more cast on it and one with Edward & Bella, but they were up around $ 89 and $ 99. Yikes!

Okay, there is a possibility I might order a bookmark if I was already placing an order for other things!


superbryan101 said...

o_O Uhh.....ok then

UBF Blogger Mom said...

LOL. So I hope you went to check out Pteprock's blog instead! :)
Maybe the boys won't necessarily "get it" about why the Twilight stuff is so popular. But I bet there are some girls that might like it?

Roco said...

My Mom loves this book. I dunno why though. Lolz. I've read ptep's post. I still like Rastro more then him. I've liked Rastro since Christmas. Before I knew his name! When the press releases just started

Anonymous said...

i am a boy but i love the series! cant wait for move #2

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Glad to hear it, that boys like it too! Maybe I'll add one of those count down widgets to my sidebar that counts down when the New Moon Movie will open.

Katy said...

I LOVE the books, and my mom even likes them!

We have both finished the series, but prepare to be let down at the end of Breaking Dawn...