Sunday, April 20, 2008

Have you ever wondered..........

How many login names can you have in the UB Funkey game?

I think we discovered that today. After we reached 8 player names, the "create player" menu option would not open for us. Perhaps it's a glitch today, but I'm guessing that we have reached our maximum number of players.

Has anyone else been able to set up more than 8 players?

What happens when you leave your Funkey out in the open and walk away from the game? With no hoodwinks, and without a complete gem?

I discovered that today also! It was by mistake, but I logged in and then walked away and forgot about it. Usually I will click on my crib right away so my Funkey can hang out there if I know I won't be there to dodge the henchman or to play the game.

Hours later, when I finally returned, this is what I came back to!

So now we can assume that 20 coins is the most you can loose from the Henchman Game if he comes and you don't do anything! It was still disappointing.


Anonymous said...

Cool! I like funkeys alot and just got a Rare blue webley over ebay. IT WONT WORK! When i try downloadign the new stuff 4 funkeys it stops @ 93% and then closes! when i put webley in it updates and stops @ 94 & DOESNT CLOSE!!! SO ANNOYING!!!

Anonymous said...

I figured out the coolest glitch! On funkiki island if you get one orb you can go through the door! All you do is click on the right part of the door then clickon the top right cornor of your screen and your funkey will walk right through! (If you don't believe me make natives follow you and they'll sometimes go through. That how I figured out).