Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Speed Racer UB Funkey collection is almost complete!

Wasn't it only a few days ago that I said you don't need to buy the Speed Racer Hub? I tried to resist, but we gave in. After no luck again at the Walmarts & Targets this week, I picked up the Speed Racer hub with Speed Racer & Chim-Chim at Toys 'R Us. I'm not sure about this, but right now it appears the only way to get the Speed Racer & Chim-Chim Funkeys is to buy them with the hub. Does anyone know if this is true?

We decided to keep the Very Rare Racer X

and Very Rare Trixie.

We already had Snake Oiler.

Here's a picture of the Speed Racer Funkey that came with the Hub

And Chim-Chim too! He's so cute!
So now we are only missing Cannonball Taylor........The Funkey Hunt continues...............
And please come visit again, I'll be working on more facts and game scores. I also still have some questions that someone out there might have figured out!!
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Anonymous said...

The day after the speed racer funkeys were released in Toys R Us I found three different ones. There were four on the shelf. Two of them were Racer X one was Trixie and the other one was Cannonball Taylor! I got the three different ones and I think Racer X might be rare!

Robyn said...

You did good! It's all in the timing! I hope we have more luck finding Cannonball Taylor. How do you like his game?

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,

I don't know whats up here in CT, but it is so hard to find any funkeys, let alone the speed racer series, in our local toys r us, walmart or target. It is odd to me that toys r us used to have a decent selection. Now there are maybe 3 funkeys on the shelf and they have located them in a very odd place in the store. It is very disappointing because part of the fun is finding the ones you need. I don't understand why the company is making it so difficult to find the characters - the only ones who are making a ton of money are those selling them on eBay. Have you heard anything more about the Funkey movie? I thought I read somewhere it was supposed to be released in April?

Robyn said...

Not sure why they are harder to find in some areas. Here are some of my theories:
1. In some stores, inventory is monitored only by a computer & if there are a few of the normal series one (e.g. red duece)still sitting on the shelves that everyone has, then they don't know to order more. In most stores, the UPC codes are the same for all funkeys, regardless of character or rarity.
2. You might have an Ebay fanatic living nearby who buys them all as soon as the shipment comes in!
3. The store manager holds them back to sell on Ebay or sell to friends, which I have often heard of happening. But then you would see the older ones still sitting there.
4. The store manager doesn't realize how popular these little critters really are & isn't ordering more.

You might talk to the Toy Dept managers & ask. I have found quite a few around here are very helpful & they can tell me if they have ordered more (Walmart), or when they expect a shipment. Also see my post about when we found Cannonball Taylor where I listed the UPC codes for Toys R Us & you can call ahead. They might even put one aside for you!

Walmart & Target don't carry the Speed Racer Funkeys as of yet (April). Toys 'r us carries them, but they are located in a separate section with all the other Speed Racer merchandise.

As for the movie, do you mean Speed Racer movie? It is due out in the US on May 9!

Anonymous said...

at target today i say all the speed racers but trixie and i got racer x