Tuesday, April 8, 2008

UB Funkey Hunting ~ Found Cannonball Taylor!

I am soooo excited! I decided to call around to the Toys 'R Us stores instead of using up gas for my UBFunkey Hunt. The first store I called didn't have any in stock, and no delivery dates in the next week. I then called a second store, and I scored! They have a Cannonball Taylor! The person I talked to was so nice, not only did he look it up the computer, but he went to check the shelves for me and came back with the ones they have! wooohooo! The Cannonball Taylor was the last one they had, so he's holding it for me. So as soon as Liam gets home from school, we're riding out there! It has now become all about the thrill of the hunt instead of the thrill of playing the games.

Later that same day.............

Here's a picture of Cannonball Taylor with "Cannonball Taylor's Player's Lounge" in the background. His game & mart are located on the top of level of the Royalton Industries Building. It's the second room that you see.

Here is a list of the UPC codes so you all can call ahead to the Toys R Us near you. I would think that their guest services dept. would be as accomodating and look in their computer for you as well.

Snake Oiler: 027084605907
Cannonball Taylor: 027084605891
Racer X: 027084605860
Trixie: 02784648836

The store's UPC code is the same for each variation of the character (normal, rare, & very rare)

To see pictures of the rest of the Speed Racer Funkeys, click here

Happy Funkey Hunting to those of you still hunting!!

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