Friday, April 4, 2008

Speed Racer UB Funkeys ~ Still Figuring It All Out!

We've been playing the different games for a week now and there are still some mysteries. We have only won a trophy for Chim-Chim's game so far, but the reports are coming in about the high scores to earn tropheys, and insane high scores for all the games. You can read about it on the Funkey Fan Forum (you can click "back" on your browser to come back to this blog).

My biggest question right now is how to get to the Speed Racer Pinball Game. Does anyone know yet? I thought I had the great idea to just pick up the phone and call Mattel - going straight to the source. I knew I was calling technical support, but thought there must be someone they could refer me to that could answer game questions. Well, folks, there isn't! In some ways, it makes the UB Funkey game more intriguing. There might also be an extra element of challenge in that way. We are all challenged to figure it out, and it's fun to be the first to discover things and post them on the forums and blogs. That's what we're left with - each other! So please, post away.....all comments and questions are welcome. Make that *ESSENTIAL*! We can all contribute bits & pieces and then put the puzzle together.

Here is my quick list of observations & questions that I still have:

1. What's up with Speed Racer's pinball game? When you enter Speed Racer's place to play the game, you'll see the title of two games,"Grand Prix and Pinball". But it only takes you to the Grand Prix. (update: as someone wrote in the comment section, it does appear that the pinball game will be for a later release of Speed Racer)

2. There appears to be only 2 of each character - Normal and Very Rare (update on 4/8/08: I finally saw a "rare" in the store. For Racer X, I couldn't tell the difference in appearance, but it was written on the package)

3. I am fairly certain that the item for the Very Rare Funkeys is a race car.

4. Do the Speed Racer and Chim-Chim character Funkeys come as singles, or only as a set with the Speed Racer hub?

5. So far it doesn't look like there are any gems or extra missions to complete or secrets......just tropheys and items for insane high scores and cars that you win.

If anyone has anything to add to the list, or any questions of their own, we'd all be interested in hearing about it! Thanks!

{Please see the comments below for some good information that answers some of my questions}

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Anonymous said...

I think the pinball is for the second version of speed racer that hasn't come out yet.

For the rarity I think there are rares but they are hard to tell. For Racer X I found one that has the blacker color and it has the little triangles by his cheeks but he doesnt have that weird grin or anything. I'm thinking it has qualities of the normal and the very rare.

The speed racer funkeys I have (with the high scores of their games) are:
Trixie - 9121
Racer X - 5593
Cannonball Taylor - 1724

Cannonball Taylor's game is the most fun out of the three for me. A score of either 1000 or 1200 gives the insane high score for golden tire tracks.

Anonymous said...

The front of the package will actually say rare or very rare just under the characters name, if nothing is under the name then it's a norm. The diff between norm and rare is apparently the change to a more metallic coloring, and then the very rare adds to that with the change of facial expressions.

Anonymous said...

HI, I have a question
Can you actually race on the funkeys cause I just got the trixie of the speed racer and I thought that you could race can you answer my question pls?

id really like to race!

Robyn said...

There are racing games inside the Royalton Racing Complex, but you'll need either Speed Racer, Snakeoiler, or Cannonball Taylor. Those 3 are the only ones released yet that have racing games. I hope to have the character & game descriptions set up soon so you can read about them and see each game before you buy the Funkey.

jairo m (funkeys master) said...

the only speed racer funkeys i have are speed racer grand prix and chim-chim....(chim-chims so cool!!!!!)anyway, the tague and speed racer-regular havent come out because they are the wave 2 of the speed racer series, look at and type in ub funkeys. it will say a list of all realised funkeys.