Saturday, June 14, 2008

New UB Funkey Villains

Here's another image from the new UB Funkey Dream State starter hub package. It says, "Watch out, new villains are waiting to steal your coins! Defeat them and save the Funkeys"

We've seen the villain on the right side (Goya, he's light blue with long sharp white teeth, we think he's waiting in Nightmare Rift), but I don't think the green one on the left is in the stories we've seen yet from the 3.0 update (I'll need to verify that, but Liam says he has never seen it before).

My guess is that the green one is in Daydream Valley (that's what they call it on the packaging, although it also says "Daydream Oasis"). And the updates for that haven't come through yet.

I think the green villain in the picture looks alot like Dorothy the Dinosaur from Wiggles (but, of course I know it's not!), or the frog from the Leap Frog games. Liam thinks it looks like a flower.
What do you think?

Here's a closer picture (below). I know they aren't the best pictures, and they could be better if I decided to actually open the package and didn't have the reflection from the plastic!

This link will take you to my previous blog post showing images of the future Funkeys on the side: Dream State now at Toys R Us


Kewl said...

That green guy looks like a half frog half Oni (Legendary Japanese monster, though I'm not Japanese).

username: sunnydayz2 said...

When do the dreamstate oasis ones come out? cool site

Anonymous said...

The green villian is called Dali he is a flower and is very annoying