Monday, June 23, 2008

"Superplace" Crib of a UB Funkey fan

I want to share a picture of a crib that I thought was really cool. It is the crib of Funkeyz who is a regular on the Funkey Fan Forum. Funkeyz left a comment a couple days ago about this crib they entered into the crib contest. So I looked it up at Grand Funkey Station.

I like it! I just had to post it. Good luck in the contest!

If you have a crib you'd like to enter into the contest, please see

You can also leave a comment here about your crib, or email me, and I can put a picture as well. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Robyn, That was I who posted that, and if you haven't put it togther im funkeyz on the funkeys forum! :) I have been visiting both of these sites for quite a while now. Thanks for making them so great!

Robyn said...

Hi funkeyz, I actually hadn't put it together that that was you! Although I should have since you have your crib names in your signature line over on the FunkeyFanForum, and it was just the other day I commented on your signature line!
So glad you left the comment, I was hoping I'd find out whose it is! Now I need to go check out your other 2 cribs!
And I'll change the blog post from "anonymous" & put your name in there.

Anonymous said...

The contest is really cool, but couldn't you put the name of someoune else's crib into the competition? That would be a bit unfair, wouldn't it ?

Robyn said...

That's a good question. I had the same thought, and I'll ask the website owners how they might control for that.
But I just hope that most all of those who are into the Funkeys are fun loving creatures themselves, and wouldn't be dishonest.
I just had an idea of how to control for that. Maybe the winner could do a "print screen" shot of their crib names when they are logged on, that would prove they are the owner of the crib. When you are in your crib and select "load", your crib names come up. I think that would work, what do you think? I'll suggest that to

Thanks for sharing that question!

Kewl said...

What are those fuzzy things and how can I get them? I also want to know how to get the pool and the snake.

Robyn said...

The fuzzy things come from a couple different places. I'm not sure exactly where Funkeyz got them, but Liam says you can find them as alien pets in Xener's mart, and there's another place. I'll ask him and reply again, unless Funkeyz sees this & replies first. Liam knows more about shopping for the creature then I do! I believe the snake came from Snake Oiler.

Anonymous said...

hey guys my crib name is turina
if you cant found me its beacuse i am on mexico
PS:my crib is not so cool