Friday, June 13, 2008

Dream State UB Funkeys are now at Toys R Us!

We found the UB Funkeys Dream State 2-pack starter hub with Drift and Bones today at Toys R Us in Sterling, Va.

Toys R Us is selling it for $19.99, but I previously reported that it was $21.99. Sorry for that error. The higher price was listed on the shelf, but my receipt says $19.99. That's cool.

(note as of 6/15/08: I haven't heard of many people finding these at other Toys R Us stores around the country, so they might not be officially available yet. Perhaps it was even an error that the few stores have started to stock their shelves this soon. I'll keep you posted)

(as of 6/30/08: Still no Dream State Funkey singles at Toys R Us, just U.B. the hub with Bones & Drift.)

If you want to call your Toys R Us to see if they have it in stock, the UPC# is 027084658620 **

I hoped to find the 4-pack or singles since we already have Bones. Maybe we'll see that out soon.
The 4 pack will contain Waggs, Drift, Ptep, and Vlurp.

This next image is interesting, and news to me, the side of the Dream State starter hub package shows some Funkeys to come in the future that I haven't seen before. Check it out.......

Have you seen the Dream State Funkeys yet in stores near you? Please report it when you do! There are lots of folks eager to buy them as soon as they are available!

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** [6/14/08 note: Just want to add that I am not sure how accurate the Toys R Us computers are when you call and ask the customer service person to look up the code. Before I went to this store yesterday, I called to see if they had the Speed Racer hub in stock because I had to exchange mine (speedy wasn't working). I gave them the UPC off my receipt & they said they had 12 in stock. When I got there, they were mostly hubs with Twinx & Scratch, 2 Dream State, but NO Speed Racer. And the hubs all have different codes. So, that's just an FYI, that my code tip might not work. But I have reached really nice customer service people in the past who will actually go look on the shelves and hold one!! It's worth asking so you don't waste gas. The gas you save might actually pay for your Funkeys!!]


Vroominator said...

that means not much longer till they are out in aus!!!! thats AWESOME!!!! ILL BE ABLE TO GO TO Dream state and Racing complex ONCE I BUY THAT!!!
but ill lose everything AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

what state do you live in. and whats your crib

Robyn said...

Vroominator ~ I hope you don't loose everything again! Just back up your game files before you allow the update to download. I've lost everything before & it's devastating.

Anonymous ~ We're in Northern Virginia, outside of DC. I went back & wrote that in my post after you sent your comment.
We didn't open up Drift yet, I'm holding out to see if we can find the 4-pack. We might not keep this 2-pack hub. But now that you ask about our crib (I'm guessing that's so you can see the items from Drift's mart), I'm so very tempted to break open the package now!
Maybe I'll leave that to someone else, to post their crib after they start playing with the Dream State there anyone out there with Dream State who wants to share their crib? If so, I can take a screen shot and post it on the blog.

Annie said...

Anyone know when Dream State are going to come out in the UK?

I love funkeys but I really wished they came out in the UK the same time as they do In the US.

Also I am so excited about the pictures you were showing of the new Ub funkeys on the side of the packet, I wonder how many series they ar going to make?

Robyn said...

Hi Annie, it's good to hear from you again. Are you the same Annie from the UK who left a comment when the Speed Racers started coming out here in the US? If so, how far behind was the UK in getting those there? I hope they did finally come out!
I hope the timing of the Funkey distribution gets better for you over there.....I know sometimes it must be so hard to wait!

Anonymous said...

It's about time!!! LOL. We have not excelled at the speed racer racing games and the funkeys have sat untouched for quite awhile. Will be interesting to see what they do with the remains of the speed racer series as the funkeys addicts are hot on the dream state updates.

As Robyn mentioned above....FOR YOUR SANITY....please back-up your files before you attempt a download. It is devastating to lose everything that you have worked so hard to earn.

Robyn said...

I agree, that will be interesting to see what happens with the rest of the Speed Racer series, they would almost have to come out after the Dream State excitement dies down a bit.
I think we'll be seeing Taejo, Speed in a new series for the pinball game, then there's the rare & very rare chim-chim & first Speed to come out as singles.
I personally don't know if I'd get excited again about that series!

Anonymous said...

i ordered it off amazon 2 times each time they sent rong 1

Robyn said...

I noticed that a seller on Amazon had the Dream State description but a picture of the orginal hub with 2 of the series 1 Funkeys. Is that what you got? If so, that was before they were actually released. There are alot of different sellers on, so be choosey when you buy through there.
Does anyone have a favorite seller through Amazon?
Also, I have a link set up on my sidebar here on this blog, if anyone ever buys anything from Amazon (anything at all, doesn't have to be Funkeys, you can go through my blog & they'll give me a referral fee ~ no extra cost to you at all! And it will help keep the site running)

Kewl said...

The one that looks like a raccoon's name is Bandit and the one that looks like a ladybug's na,e is Dot.

Anonymous said...

I have Windows 2000 on my computer. Do you think I should back my files when I gat the Dream State Funkeys?

Robyn said...

It's a good idea to back up your game files every once in a while. The risky times are when you download the updates. So now, everytime I see there's something new in Terrapinia, I first say "no" to the download. Then I go save a copy of my data files in another directory, then I go back & let the download go through.
Another risky time is when you create a unique funkey name.
But just getting a new Funkey shouldn't be risky.

BoggleMan said...

How do I back my files?

Julia NEEDS HELP!! said...

How do I back my files????? I lost my 2nd account. I had 4 trophys and NEED it back!